March 2018 Newsletter

I was a teenager in the 60’s & like the rest of our generation, music was the vital link to the world outside the safety of family. I had several groups that were my favorites, “Creedence Clearwater Revival” being one of them. I loved most all their songs but I never dreamed that one day, one of them would be so applicable to my live. But Bad Moon Rising has been song of the month!! Who would guess that everything on our ranch with a motor would go out all at once!! Even my bicycle is out of commission. The songs refers to nasty weather, that’s hampering the repairs too. It’s tough having no wheels! Kind of like back in my teens. LOL! Life can be strange.

It’s been difficult, but it hasn’t prevented me from being at the shop every day & working hard to keep up with all that is going on there.  Lots of beautiful new Spring inspired fabrics arriving, fabulous new batiks (a few pictured above) & a big shipment of new patterns.

We are very excited about the new shopping cart on the website. I continue to work hard with my web person to get the shopping cart up and running on the website, We are getting close. It should be up & running this month sometime. I will continue to add fabrics to it every week until we have every piece in the shop loaded into the website. I hope this will help those of you who don’t have access to a shop close by. As always, you can call or email the shop for info or help. We mail out fabrics, etc. all the time.

We have been playing with some great new ideas for classes & having lots of fun experimenting. Be sure to check the calendar further down the page. Stop in at the shop (if you can) to see the beautiful samples, too.

Row by Row is creeping up on us fast again this year. The theme for 2018 is “SEW MUSICAL”. They have also changed the shape of the blocks, we now have 4 different shapes to choose from, all interchangeable. We haven’t quite decided which one for ours yet, but we have ordered our fabric plates & are working on our block design. Be sure to go to Row by Row Experience main website & check it out & get your route planned for this summer.

Almost since we opened, we have had a Hand Embroidery group that meets at the Cottage the 2nd Friday of every month to learn & practice & create.  After 4 years, they would like to expand their horizons & sort of regroup.  So we voted & renamed the group “Creative Stitchers”, to encompass the world of stitches, everything & anything (knitting, crochet, tatting, embroidery, beading, anything hand work). This is a perfect way to learn new creative outlets with knowledgeable & friendly people. Each meeting will have a brief discussion or demo on a technique of interest, a program & some free stitching time at the end. The next (first for Creative Stitchers) meeting will be the 2nd Fri in March. (check the calendar)

We are also offering each month, a 20% discount on selected items applicable to that months program, for all who come to the Creative Stitcher’s meetings. Discounted items will be announced in the newsletter calendar each month.


Fabric Grab Bag

Spring is in the air.  Butterflies are flitting around.
This fun & darling quilt is a true winner. I’ve made
it 3 times & will probably make it again. But because
the quilt is a bit bigger than 3 yds., this month we
are offering an optional border packet, for an
additional $5.99. The sample shows the border attached.




Barn Quilt B.O.M.

We are getting very close to the end of this darling, fun & very popular B.O.M. quilt.  March is Block #11 Peas & Carrots

We have a great new B.O.M. coming up next, you won’t want to miss it, it’s really cute, for your sewing space.

Keep on sewing & see you soon,  Donette


MARCH 2018 Calendar

Wed MAR 7 – 1 pm Open sewing workshop NO FEE
Fri MAR 9 –   9 am Coffee at the Cottage (2nd Friday each month) NO FEE
Fri MAR 9 – 10 am “Creative Stitchers”  (2nd Friday each month) NO FEE
This month is a brief discussion on the origins of embellishments,  learning/reviewing new embroidery & embellishment stitches for making a small sampler or embellishing items, viewing brief YouTube tutorials on each. You will need these supplies:
Piece of muslin, embroidery hoop, needles in varying eye sizes, floss, Perle® cotton, silk ribbon, scissors, small pincushion, pencil or Pigma® marking pen, thimble, needle threader.
(all of these items available at the Cottage).
Also please bring any hand stitched project you are currently working on for the last 30 minutes of Open Stitching, or you can practice the newly learned stitches.
This month get 20% off all the embroidery stitch books purchased at the meeting only.

English Paper PiecingSat Mar 10-  1 pm English Paper Piecing class fee $25 Back by popular demand. Learn this age old technique that is experiencing a resurgence. Once you learn the
technique you will love applying it to other projects. Reserve your spot & get your supply list.


Wed MAR 14 – 1 pm Open sewing workshop NO FEE
Wed MAR 21-  1 pm Open sewing workshop NO FEE

Sat MAR 24-  1 pm Enchanted Rose Table Runner class fee $25

An ever popular class, this technique is deceptively easy.J Fun, fun, fun!!  You’ll love doing this one. Come join the us & make this great table runner.  Reserve your spot & get your supply list.


Wed MAR 28-  1 pm Open sewing workshop NO FEE

As always, if you have a class you would like, on anything, please call, email or come in and schedule your date & time.  We do private classes, group classes or special demos upon request. (prices may vary).

APRIL 2018 Calendar

Wed APRIL 4 – 1 pm Open sewing workshop NO FEE
Fri APRIL 13 –   9 am Coffee at the Cottage (2nd Friday each month) NO FEE
Fri APRIL 13 – 10 am “Creative Stitchers”  (2nd Friday each month) NO FEE
Part 2- learning/reviewing new embroidery & embellishment stitches for making a small sampler or embellishing items, viewing brief YouTube tutorials on the ones not covered last month.
You will need these supplies:
Same as last month. Piece of muslin, embroidery hoop, needles in varying eye sizes, floss, Perle® cotton, silk ribbon, scissors, small pincushion, pencil or Pigma® marking pen, thimble, needle threader.
(all of these items available at the Cottage).
Also please bring any hand stitched project you are currently working on for the last 30 minutes of Open Stitching, or you can practice the newly learned stitches.
This month get 20% off all sizes of River Silk’s silk ribbon purchased at the meeting only.

Sat APRIL 14-  1 pm DYING/PAINTING FABRIC class   fee $25
(sample on white muslin)
Look what you can do!!! Make your own colors to fit perfectly with your project.  Amazing Japanese fabric ink opens a world of possibilities. Fun & so creative.  Reserve your spot & get your supply list.

Wed APRIL 18 – 1 pm Open sewing workshop NO FEE
Wed APRIL 25 –  1 pm Open sewing workshop NO FEE

Mini Mosaic QuiltSat APRIL 28-  1 pm  Mini MOSAIC QUILT class fee $25
For those of you who love the Mini’s, this is for you.

Endless possibilities once you learn how to put them all together.

Don’t miss this one. Reserve your spot & get your supply list.



Wed MAY 2 –  1 pm Open sewing workshop NO FEE

As always, if you have a class you would like, on anything, please call, email or come in and schedule your date & time.  We do private classes, group classes or special demos upon request. (prices may vary).

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MARCH 2018 Newsletter


I think that our kids are our greatest accomplishments in life, at least for those of us with grown kids. I know mine are constantly a source of pride & joy. But I could never get my girls interesting in sewing, much to my disappointment. However, as I have mentioned before, now that they are grown, they are showing more & more interest in my passion for the art. My oldest daughter is up to her eyeballs in Nursing School & her teenagers, so it will be a while before she resumes her interest. But my youngest is slowly inching toward that plunge. She already loves fabric with the same passion that we all know. But jumping off the edge into projects is a bit intimidating to her. She suggested that I write about & to, those of you who are, or have a friend or family member that is a beginning sewist.

Unless you are a fearless personality, (like me), who leaps without looking most of the time, it’s a bit scary. So let me address the basics of beginning sewing & a few suggestions for projects that are easy for the beginner.

Sewing is a very therapeutic activity. I have heard of many people whom have started sewing after a stroke, or accident, or traumatic event in their life.  I have heard stories from many of how sewing & fabric has healed their soul or helped them thru a very difficult time in their life. As for myself, I have sewn all my life & have found it to be my life preserver in a hectic & stormy world. I had the benefit of a mother that sewed constantly. I must have really been a royal pain in the rear to her. By the time I was about 17 yrs old, she informed me that I needed to get my own machine because she was tired of fighting me for her machine!  LOL, so I did.

I am thrilled to see all the young people who are interested in sewing. But few of them have the advantage of a mom who sewed. Finding someone to mentor them is critical for inspiring them to take the plunge.

Quilting can be an awe-inspiring activity, but it can also be too much for someone who is a complete novice.
First of all you need a sewing machine.  You can sometimes borrow one to start with until you get a feel for what you might want in a machine.  You can buy a used one usually at a very reasonable prices. (that’s what I did – without getting up on a soap box about this, just let me say that the older, all metal machines, are the very best.  They are sturdy & easy to use).

Then you need to get some old clothing or scrap fabric & practice, practice, practice. Sew straight lines, parallel to the edge of the fabric or drawn line, on the sewing machine until you are comfortable with the machine & are able to control the fabric to sew a consistent straight line.  Then try cutting a curve and practice sewing parallel to the curved edge of the fabric.

Familiarize yourself with the terminology of the sewing world. Try Google, Pinterest, basic sewing books or a mentor. Some of the terms are common sense and some are a bit tricky.  But once you learn them, you will feel more comfortable with reading a pattern & tackling a project.

Pick a project that is easy & quick to do.  This will give you the confidence to do more.  On my website is a pattern for an easy gift that is well loved by all. The Wine Charm/Coaster is a great starting project.  You can even make it with a 5” square pre-cut so you don’t have to worry about cutting the fabric, just the waffle muslin & that is hidden inside. It’s a great project for anyone beginner or experienced sewist.

And for those of you who may be a bit tired of making quilts and need a break, (because you can only make so many quilts and then they start to stack up), consider these other projects with fabric and sewing:

Place mats, mug rugs, aprons, hot pads, microwave bowls, table runners, Christmas tree skirts, unique Christmas stockings, bags & totes, wall hangings, table clothes, throw pillows, bar-b-q tool rolls, paintbrush rolls, doll clothes, kids clothes, adult clothes, Halloween costumes, stuffed animals, pajama pants, bathrobes, scarves.

The list is really endless. Any of these projects can be done starting with simple, easy patterns up to complicated depending on your skill level.

Don’t be afraid to “stretch” yourself, expand your knowledge base and try something new. It’s so rewarding to create something with fabric & give it as a gift or use it yourself. Either way it’s great therapy.

Enjoy & keep sewing. If you need ideas, call or email me and I will do my best to help you out.  Open Sewing workshop every Wednesday at 1 pm is a good place to get help & inspiration.

Last month I talked about different Tips & Tricks to make your sewing room a more pleasurable place, asking for solutions for the “run-away foot pedal” problem.

I got a couple of responses from y’all.  Here are the results:

From Doris Schorsch: Sent me pictures. I have included 2 here with the name of the manufacture.  She writes that it is 8” X 10.5” & that it doesn’t move on her tile floor.

From Tammy Harrison: Sent me a link to the Pedal Mat. “My studio has laminated tile in it so not sure how it would/could work if someone had carpet where they’re sewing but the Pedal Mat certainly solved all my issues regarding the traveling foot pedal!”

Thank you for your participation and sharing your solutions to a frustrating problem for all of us. I hope this will help some of you.


Jan. 16, 2018 CLOSED

Due to extreme weather conditions today, Little Cottage Quilt Shop will be closed.  Please stay home, warm & safe. It’s a perfect day for sewing, cuddle up with a cuppa in your sewing room.

We are covered in ice and the temps are predicted to stay below freezing until tomorrow.  We plan to be open again Wednesday Jan. 17, 2018

See y’all then !

November Newsletter

Fall is here and doesn’t it feel great ! Crisp air and beautiful colors all around. Halloween seems to always kick off the holiday season and it is here ! Before we know it Thanksgiving will be here and we will be celebrating with friends and family. In the spirit of the season, we want to thank y’all for the kind well wishes and support thru this past couple of months struggles. We do appreciate your concern and checking in to see how we are doing. So far so good, everybody seems to be on the mend and doing well.

Thoughts of Christmas giving seems to be on the minds of those visiting the shop lately. We want to help you with ideas. The Cottage is packed with great ideas and fun, festive things. We have lots of gift ideas too that don’t require assembly (wink). If all else fails, we also have gift cards. We are constantly searching for fabric ideas for the holidays to help you out. Come on in and find out what we’ve been up to.

Coming soon to Little Cottage Quilt Shop…… Do you love Counted Cross Stitch ???

After multiple requests for the patterns, 90 different patterns will be here very soon for your stitching pleasure. We have the floss, the needles, the fabric, hoops & stretchers bars. Everything you need to launch into a great new project.

Edyta Sitar’s latest book is in the shop now and her newest released fabric collection will be shipped this month. If you are a devotee of her work, don’t delay, it goes fast once it is on the shelves.

We have lots of new fabrics this month again. It just keeps marching thru the door !! Too much to even start to name much less photograph. You have to make a trip here to see it all. It’s all so wonderful !!!

Just a reminder about our Top Shopper award, we have a winner each month of a $25 Gift card. Come on in and make sure your name gets attached to your purchases toward your chance to win.

We hope y’all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones. Be safe and enjoy. And remember, we will be closed Nov 22 & 23rd. But we will be back on Friday the 24th with a free demo on making those darling chickens. You don’t want to miss this. Bring your visiting relatives and enjoy a day away from all the Black Friday madness elsewhere.

See y’all soon, Donette

Fabric Grab Bag

The Fabric Grab Bag for November is a nostalgic Christmas throw or table cloth. Done in a log cabin block, this Red Rooster “Christmas Bells” collection & pattern are reminiscent of the old Currier & Ives Christmas cards. It’s a great little quilt to keep or give as a gift at a great value. Don’t miss out.


Barn Quilt B.O.M.

We are completely blown away at the popularity of this cute quilt.

November is block #7 “Farm Fresh Flower Block”


November 2017 Calendar

We will do private classes for you or your group of up to 6 people. $25 per person Please call or email us to schedule your private class on the subject or project of your choice. Please give us 2 weeks notice

Wed Nov 1– 1 pm Open sewing workshop

Sat Nov 4– 1 pm FREE Fabric Xmas tree demo

(make a grouping from festive fabrics for your table center piece)


Wed Nov 8– 1 pm Open sewing workshop

Fri Nov 10 –   9 am Coffee at the Cottage (2nd Friday of every month)

Fri Nov 10 – 10 am Hand Embroidery Club

Sat Nov 11– 1 pm Fold & Stitch Wreath class fee $25

(Of course you can make yours out of any fabric, fun & easy)



Wed Nov 15– 1 pm Open sewing workshop

Sat Nov 18– Scandinavian Star Ornament class fee $25

(back by special request, if you missed it last month, here’s your chance)


Wed Nov 22- CLOSED for Thanksgiving

Thurs Nov 23- CLOSED Thanksgiving Day

Fri Nov 24- 10 am OPEN

Fri Nov 24– 1 pm FREE Cute Chicken Demo

(always fun, it’s a great scrap or orphan block buster)



Wed Nov 29– 1 pm Open sewing workshop


December 2017 Calendar

Sat Dec 2 – 1 pm Pine cone Ornament class   fee $25

Have fun learning how to make these ornaments for your holiday decorations. Make them rustic, realistic or fancy.


Wed Dec 6– 1 pm Open sewing workshop

Fri Dec 8 –   9 am Coffee at the Cottage (2nd Friday of every month)

Fri Dec 8 – 10 am Hand Embroidery Club

Wed Dec 13– 1 pm Open sewing workshop

Sat Dec 16– 1 pm FREE Quick & Easy Wreath Demo

(need a last minute decorating idea you can whip up in an hour or so from your stash?)

Wed Dec 20– 1 pm Open sewing workshop

Tues Dec 26- CLOSED for Christmas

Wed Dec 27- 10 am OPEN

Wed Dec 27– 1 pm Open sewing workshop


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November 2017 Newsletter

“Stitches & Presser Feet”

As I have said many times, I’ve sewn all my life. My children grew up with the sewing machine humming daily, and many nights as well. So you would think that my kids would have learned to sew, if nothing else, by osmosis !!! But no, my girls weren’t interested. Why should they bother when “mom” did it all for them ?!?!?! Bad on my part. My son on the other hand wanted to learn to sew and he did.  Today, he does all the mending and hemming in his household.  He no longer feels the need to create with fabric.  Now my embroidery machine, is another story, LOL, power tool and all that it is. He embroidered his name and badge number on his firefighter gear bag

My girls are in their adult years, with children.  NOW they want to learn to sew. (sigh !) Now, when I’m busy running a business.  Life is strange.

So I asked my youngest what she would like to learn from this article. I think she hit it dead on; Stitches & Presser feet. What to do with and how to use. (youth! wish my brain was not so loaded down so I could think clearly like that) I have had many of you ask me the same thing. So here goes.


Most sewing machines can preform many different tasks. Most have a host of built in stitches it can be used. Some have “Cams” for decorative stitches, and some can download stitches from the internet. Whatever kind of machine you have, there are basic stitches and presser feet that can make whatever you need to do easier.

Lets break them down into groups and companions, as different stitches usually require a special presser foot. Hopefully this will make it more understandable.

To start with, all sewing machines will need a specific type of presser foot. (ie: low shank, high shank, slant shank) Be sure to check your manual so you are getting the correct style of shank for your machine.

Standard presser foot– this is the standard presser foot for general use. All sewing machines will come equipped with this standard foot. Use it as the name suggests, general use. (ie: sewing a seam, ziz zag stitches, basic mending, etc)


Zipper foot– this handy tool is used for many tasks. Obviously installing a zipper into an article of clothing or pillow cover or making a cute bag. It is used for attaching piping, or needing to sew very close to an edge. A zipper foot can only be used with a straight stitch. There are a few different styles to choose from. Your brand of sewing machine will dictate a lot about which one fits your machine. Your machine might have even come with one, check your manual. Here is a picture of different zipper feet.


¼” Foot-, especially to you quilters, this is a common presser foot. This foot is used to get a precise, uniform ¼” seam. Some ¼” feet have a guide blade on them. This foot can only be used with a straight stitch.


Blind Hem Foot– This is an adjustable guide for sewing a blind hem. The guide keeps the stitches an even distance from the fold. It can also be used with a blanket stitch for attaching an applique, quilt label, etc. This is a very handy presser foot.


Walking Foot– this is used to evenly sew multiple layers of fabric together. It’s very helpful when straight stitch quilting because it pulls the fabric from the top in concert with the feed dogs. This prevents the layers of fabric from shift and pulling. It is also very helpful when sewing on thick fabric like Cuddle and faux furs.

These are just a few of the more commonly used presser feet. There is a presser foot for every task from sewing on elastic & cording to darning & quilting, to ruffling yards of fabric for a twirly skirt. I could go on and on for pages. But before this gets to unmanageable, I think I’ll leave it here for now and talk about stitches and their uses next month. Read your manuals and practice. Don’t be afraid to experiment a bit. Keep on Sewing !

Little Cottage Quilt Shop

14076 State Hwy 16       Medina, Texas 78055             830-589-2502


Shop Hours Change

Little Cottage Quilt Shop

As of Monday, August 21, 2017, the shop will be closing at 4 pm every day.
Starting Monday, August 28, 2017, the shop will be closed on Mondays (in addition to Sundays).

Here’s why:

As the saying goes: ” everything happens at once” or “the best laid plans” or “Murphy’s Law”.  Whatever, it’s lowered the boom on me !!!

It all started with our A/C unit malfunctioning.  A problem not easily or quickly resolved.  (It’s still out, however it has been resolved and a complete new system will hopefully be installed tomorrow)  These past 6 weeks have been a flurry of organizing and planning and preparation for me to be away from the shop for 2 weeks.  My husband, Christer, was having a total hip replacement surgery and for his beginning recovery.  We picked an excellent orthopedic center with top ratings, great doctors and staff (one of the top rated in the nation).  We attended the orientation class and learned a lot.  We coordinated with the lady that works for me, with her schedule so that she would be available for the full two weeks before we set the surgery date.  For any of you who have experienced this, you know it’s a major surgery with an intense, long recovery.  I knew that 2 weeks were not going to be the whole recovery. But it would give us a chance to get him well on the way so I could go back to work.  Then my darling youngest daughter, who had just moved back to the US from Japan, was planning to take the shift for week 3.  Good plan, good organizing…………right????  We spend a month preparing the house for his recovery.  I contacted as many people as I thought would be effected by the interruption so they understood what was going on.  Everything seemed to be in place as the date approached. I thought that I had covered all the bases.

His surgery was scheduled for August 15.  We showed up at the hospital at the assigned time.  Everything was moving along smoothly as planned.  The surgery commenced and Christer was stable and did very well through the whole thing.  His joint was very badly deformed with osteoarthritis as we had seen in the X-rays.  The surgeon did a terrific job of reshaping the pelvis socket and implanting the appliance.  Big thumbs up all the way around.  Christer came out of surgery doing very well.  He was in no pain and couldn’t wait to have lunch.  Within a few hours he was up walking and sitting in the chair doing extremely well.  We were very please and so happy we had chosen that hospital to have it done.  Big thumbs up all around !!

Then I got the phone call that changed everything !!  The lady that works for me, Brenda, her husband collapsed with a brain bleed and she was headed to the hospital with him.  THAT WAS NOT PART OF THE PLAN !!!!!!!  Now what was I going to do ???  I was really stuck.  I went down to the ER to talk to her and try to formulate a plan.  She obviously wasn’t going to be available to open the shop the next day, (last Wednesday).  And I couldn’t leave either.  The next day was going to be “work day”, intense training for both patient and “coach”;  I had to be there.

I was up most of that night trying to figure out what to do. I made several trips down to the ER to confer with Brenda.  I started to make phone calls to find a solution.  Everyone was either out of town, already had a commitment, or not capable.  My youngest daughter, (I knew there was a reason we call her our “bonus baby”) came to my rescue at great last minute scramble and expense to her and her family.  They only have one car at the moment.  So her dear sweet husband took the day off work and drove her and her youngest, the 2 1/2 hour trip to Medina to open the shop.  So if you came to the shop Wednesday morning and it was closed, I apologize for any inconvenience.  We did all we could to get it open.  She arrived about 11:30 am and opened the shop.  Along with one of my very loyal customers, they ran the shop all this week for me.  I cannot express how grateful I am for their sacrifice.  Of course she couldn’t stay here until I could go to the shop, she starts her new job tomorrow and had to go home.  Her husband drove back up here yesterday to retrieve her and our granddaughter.  So now I am back to a similar situation.

Evie keeping “Grampy” busy finding Waldo.

I brought Christer home from the hospital on Thursday and he is doing much better than I am !!!  It’s very tough trying to be a complete hospital staff as well as run a business and watch a 4 year old !!!  Which brings me to the reason for this unexpected email.

Because of the medical situation for Brenda’s family, and my obligation to my husband’s recovery, we are making some adjustments to the shop’s operating hours.  Please take note of these 2 major changes and tell your friends who may be planning a trip to the shop.

As of Monday, August 21, 2017, the shop will be closing at 4 pm every day.
This will allow time in the afternoon for Brenda, to visit her husband and take care of what she needs to.  Because my daughter came this past week to help, she will not be able to help out with week 3 of recovery as planned.  So we will need to continue the reduced hours through Christer’s recovery.  We will assess it again this coming spring.
In order to ease the pressures associated with this emergency and allow for medical appointments and other family business, starting

Monday, August 28, 2017, the shop will be closed on Mondays (in addition to Sundays).
We will assess this again in late October to see how we are all doing.

Thank you so much for your understanding and patience.  This has been a very trying week for all of those concerned.  We appreciate you business and want to accommodate where and when we can.  A very big thanks to all of you whom have sent or posted encouragements, concerns and well wishes.

With sincere gratitude, Donette


August 2017 Newsletter

Little Cottage Quilt Shop  August 2017 Newsletter

“Time flies when your having fun”, as the saying goes. Sometimes it flies when you are busy with the not so fun chores too. It seems like I sit at this desk most of my time and write. I write patterns and letters and this newsletter and orders and reply to emails and any number of other office chores. I really don’t mind so much about that, as I do not getting to sew !! Sewing has been such an integral part of my life, since I was a child, that it is hard to not being able to sew as much as I would like. Such is life in the fast lane I guess. I hope y’all are able to hide away in your cool sewing rooms and pass away these hot summer days creating with fabulous fabrics !! Think of me J, I live thru y’all vicariously.

No matter how well I plan the fabric orders, something always happens and everything comes in at once !! It must be the moon.  LOL !! We have received in the last week here at the Cottage, about 50 new bolts of fabric. Some of it is beautiful Christmas fabrics, a fun Route 66 collection, fabulous blenders and darling panels too. I’m trying to get everything photographed and onto the website. (Please be patient with me, I’m being pulled in about 15 different directions.) And as usual, photos don’t do the fantastic fabrics justice. You really have to see and touch them for yourself.

Barn Quilt B.O.M.

Our cute Barn B.O.M. is going great. Everybody seems to love it. We have added a bunch more people to the list. August is Block #4, “Feed & Seed”. At this point tho, we can not add anymore to the monthly list. We will make up full kits for the entire Barn Quilt for anyone who wants to do it now.

August Grab Bag

It’s August already !! A big “THANKS” goes to my dependable helper, Brenda!! The Fabric Grab Bags for August are ready to go. We have designed and written up the pattern for “School Daze”. August means back to school. So we thought this darling old fashioned panel would be interesting with a modern twist. It’s fun and easy to assemble for a great teacher gift or a comfort throw for a student. This 3 yard quilt is a very nice sized throw at 52” x 60”.

Row by Row

Row by Row is still in full swing until Sept 5. If you are new to R x R, go to this website for all the info and ideas


Little Cottage Quilt Shop Row by Row block & fabric plate 2017

As if I didn’t have enough going on, I will be out of the shop for 2 weeks starting the 15th of August. No, I’m not going on another vacation. (sniffle) I will be at home doing post-op care. The Cottage will remain open in Brenda’s capable hands. I will be back as soon as possible. I can be reached by phone or email if you need me for something.

We will resume scheduled classes in October. But we always are always available for classes upon request. Just call us or come in and set it up, for what ever it is you want to learn or accomplish.

Just a reminder about our Top Shopper award, we have a very happy winner each month of a $25 Gift card. Come on in and make sure your name gets attatched to your purchases.

See y’all soon,   Donette

August 2017 Calendar

We will do private classes for you or your group of up to 6 people. $25 per person Please call or email us to schedule your private class on the subject or project of your choice. Please give us 2 weeks notice

Wed Aug 2- 1 pm Open sewing workshop

Wed Aug 9- 1 pm Open sewing workshop

Fri Aug 11 –   9 am Coffee at the Cottage (2nd Friday of every month)

Fri Aug 11 – 10 am Hand Embroidery Club

Wed Aug 30 – 1 pm Open sewing workshop

Note: there will not be Open Sewing Workshop on Weds, Aug 16 & 23

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August 2017 Newsletter

“Squaring Up Blocks”

Maybe it’s my OCD personality. Maybe it’s from being married to an engineer for (almost) 45 years. Maybe it’s from gutting and rebuilding a dozen houses over those 45 years. Or maybe it’s from years of doing stained glass along side my sewing. (If my stained glass work wasn’t perfectly square, my husband would not frame them for me,) I’m very precise about “squaring up” quilt blocks, etc. I’m always amazed at how many quilters and sewist, don’t understand the importance of precise, consistent seams and squaring up your blocks as you go.

A beautiful quilt or any fiber creation, is a work of art and usually ends up a family heirloom. Some of them even end up in museums. But in order to have a work of art that is outstanding and admired by all viewers, it needs to be square and balanced. The better the basic components are, the better the end result. Now that doesn’t mean that it can’t have an asymmetrical pattern, or a scalloped bound edge. It means that the blocks that comprise the quilt piece need to be uniform and balanced, commonly referred to as “Squared Up”.

I will attempt to explain this process and hope that it is understandable as you read. It’s one of those things that is better shown than explained, but here goes:

As you assemble your blocks, as soon as you have reach a designated size, (4”, 6”, 12” etc) square up to that size. For example, the pictures I am using, are for a 16” block, so the center is going to be at the 8” mark. {I prefer to use a 16 ½” square up tool, because I can use it for any size block.}

Find the center of your block, it will be half the size of your block. (ie: 16” block, center at 8” – 6” block, center at 3” and so on) You can fold it in half and in half again the other way, or measure from the outside in. Find that measurement on your square up tool and set it at the center mark on your block.

Use the strong diagonal line of the square up tool to line up with the diagonal corners also. Watch for any star points that you might have. Make sure that the ¼” seam will still be available after you trim. You might have to adjust the square up tool to allow for that. It’s OK to “fudge” it a bit, but not too much or you will change the shape of the block and that will affect the final outcome.


Once you have placed the square up tool correctly on your block, hold it down firmly and trim off the excess on the right & top sides ONLY.

[If you have a turn table cutting mat, turn the table around 180 degrees to cut the other 2 sides, but you will still have to lift the square up tool to adjust for the second trim] If you don’t have a turn table, pick up the square up tool and the block. Turn your block 180 degrees. Lay the square up tool back down on the block. Only this time you are going to line up the 2 edges that you just cut with the measurement line on the ruler that matches your block size Trim off the remaining 2 side of the block.


Once you have made all your block the same uniform size, the assembly of the blocks into the finished quilt top will be much easier. The final appearance of the top will be smoother, better matched up and lay flatter.

Little Cottage Quilt Shop

14076 State Hwy 16       Medina, Texas 78055             830-589-2502








Closed for 4th of July

We will be closed Monday & Tuesday July 3 & 4th for the national holiday.  We will be back & open on Wed July 5 at 10 am.

Have a fun and safe holiday


It has come to my attention that my calendar is not accessible on the website.  I apologize for that, I will have to get that fixed pronto.  Please hang with me while we get the repairs done.  Thanks


June 2017 Newsletter

Little Cottage Quilt Shop        June 2017 Newsletter

Here comes summer & we are currently on “vacation”.  (I use that term loosely, very loosely.) No rest for me though, I’m swamped & so far behind I can’t see the light of day. We are working at our little ranch as well as at the Cottage trying to get caught up on neglected chores. LOL !! Maybe, someday, I might just catch up, in the meantime, I have a newsletter to write. (wink)

There is always lots happening here at the Cottage. It’s a full month with exciting new arrivals, events and fun. Be sure to mark your calendars for these dates so you don’t miss out on your favorites. Our fingers are crossed that the new Edyta Sitar fabric release will arrive this month. Watch LCQS FB page for the announcement.   Here are just a few of the new arrivals this past few weeks. Texas fabrics, sparkly fairies, glow in the dark Halloween fabrics & a new vintage sewing collection to name a few.



Don’t forget to pick up this months Barn Quilt B.O.M. kit, Block 2, the “Welcome block”. They are all so cute !! I just love this fun quilt. Each month the kit is different fabrics. $9.99 ea


June Grab Bag Challenge

You don’t want to miss this month’s Grab Bag Challenge. This month, because we have had so much going on and are so far behind, we thought we would let you come up with the pattern for the project.   SOOOOOOO;

Here’s the scoop; take the 3 yards of darling, Northcott’s “Strawberry Patch” fabric and make up something fabulous. It can be anything, clothing, bags, table linens, a quilted throw, what ever you imagination and creativity comes up with. Then bring it into the shop before the end of the month. The first club member to bring in a finished project with the “Strawberry Patch” fabric, will win a $25 gift card . That pays for your Grab Bag ! (well almost, the state has to take their chunk) Get your creative juices flowing and make up something fun and fabulous. After all, what would summer be without delicious juicy strawberries.  Can’t wait to see what y’all come up with !

I hope y’all had a nice & safe Memorial Day week end. I look forward to hearing about it when we are back at the shop on Monday June 5.

See y’all then,   Donette

June 2017 Calendar

We will do private classes for you or your group of up to 6 people. $25 per person Please call or email us to schedule your private class on the subject or project of your choice. Please give us 2 weeks notice

Mon June 5 – 10 am We are back open from vacation

Wed June 7 – 1 pm Open sewing workshop

Fri June 9 –   9 am Coffee at the Cottage (2nd Friday of every month)

Fri June 9 – 10 am Hand Embroidery Club

Sat June 10 – 1 pm Strip Club

June’s Strip Club quilt is “Circle Back” made with Benartex’s Gradations roll. (this fabric is wonderful) It’ so bright and summery, perfect for those summer outings or visiting guests. And so quick to make, before I knew it, DG had made 2 of them!


Wed June 14 – 1 pm Open sewing workshop

Tues June 20 – 4 pm Medina Quilt Group Meeting at Little Cottage Quilt shop for an interactive program. Nancy Springer will conduct a class in using your selvages to make fun projects. (Nancy is a great teacher so don’t miss out)

Wed June 21 – 1 pm Open Sewing workshop

Wed June 21Row By Row 2017 begins

Patterns and kits available

If you are new to R x R, go to this website for all the info and ideas

We have the companion fabrics. Ask us about great projects with them

This is our row pattern for this year, what’s more On The Go! than RVs!?!

Our plates for 2017, collect them all and sew them into all kinds of fun projects. Ask us about them !


Sat June 24 – 1 pm Folded Star Ornament Class   $45 includes kit

We are half way thru this year and I have had several of you ask if we are going to have this beautiful ornament class again. If you are wanting to learn how to make these beauties, don’t miss your chance, sign up early as we can only take 6 students at a time.


Wed June 28 – 1 pm Open Sewing workshop


Valuable Info

June 2017 Newsletter

I apologize for not having an article written this month………..forgive me please, I’m trying to be on vacation !! LOL

Watch for next months article


Little Cottage Quilt Shop

14076 State Hwy 16       Medina, Texas 78055             830-589-2502

What’s New ????

Hi y’all !!

Wow, time flies when you are busy running a business. :{  I have a hard time keeping up with everything that is going on around here.  New fabrics, tools, notions, patterns & books arrive every week.  Too many to list everything here on the website.  Give me a call or send me an email & I will be happy to share more info with you & shoot more pictures for you if necessary.

I hope y’all have signed up for the monthly e-Newsletter, it has info about new ideas, merchandise and events in it.  I do that once a month, unfortunately more current than this poor neglected website.  So look at the side bar to your right on the screen and sign up for the newsletter.

If you are an Edyta Sitar fan, you are going to love her new collection, Blue Sky.  We are now carrying all her patterns and books.  Her new collection, Blue Sky is being released by Andover Fabrics in June.  Our order is in and as soon as they ship I will let you know, so watch FB for the announcement.

Here are a few new fabric collections that are already in the Cottage & available now.

Just arrived !!  Riley Blake has done a great TEXAS fabric with companion cowboy fabrics.  Don’t miss out, this won’t last long.

Row by Row 2017 is just around the corner.  Here are this years official Row by Row companion fabrics by Timeless Treasures, available for purchase now.

Also our Row By Row fabric plates are here and they look great !! they are also available for purchase now.

Double Gauze is all the rage and we have some of Shannon’s lovely soft colors & designs.  Great for baby paraphernalia and adult & kids clothes as well.  It’s machine wash & dry and it come out great.

We added Timless Treasures fabrics to our stock several months ago and have really enjoyed their designer’s beautiful work.  Here is a darling fairy print & coordinating “fairy dust”.

“Redwood Express” by Blank Quilting (another addition to our inventory) is catching the attention of lots of shoppers, especially the men. 

Hoffman Fabrics “Nocturne” is a beautiful life like rendition of the Owl family.  Beautiful companion fabrics too.

“Nature”,  an outdoorsy collection by Timeless Treasures is perfect for that masculine quilt.  It works nicely with several other outdoor collections too.

Tools and wood are more “man cave” type fabrics also by Timeless Treasures

Jumping to the opposite end of the spectrum, we have the Glampers !!!   Loralie Designs’s fun and colorful collection, “Vintage Holiday”.  RV fabrics are always popular !!

Yet another fun RV fabric collection from Maywood Studios, “Roam sweet Home”.

We have beautiful 11″ repeat border fabrics for the 60 degree angle ruler table runner.  They are truly fabulous.

“Tweet Me” is a very cute collection by Michael Miller.

I love Clothworks fabrics.  They are so soft and lovely.  And this new lavender collection is called “Lovely Lavender”.  (LOL)

More soft and romantic florals from Timeless Treasures, so like Spring.

Honey bees are forever popular and these are very sweet.  Three different collections from Henry Glass, Red Rooster Fabrics and Wilmington Prints.  Oh and there’s some Fire Flies in there too.

These soft and soothing colors and  subtle prints of the beach are so nice and comforting.  Clothworks soft and relaxing “Sea Side Cottage” collection is all that.  We also have a few 2.5″ strip rolls of this collection.

I LOVE TEA !!  Anything that has to do with TEA.  I’d like to share with you this soft & romantic, vintage tea collection, “Tea Time” by Clothworks

Altho, these beautiful rayon Batiks from Island Batiks, aren’t usually used for quilting, they are exquisite in clothing.  They drape so wonderfully and are so flattering.

Another wonderful “summer feel” collection is the “Lakeside Retreat”  by Wilmington Prints.  Check out what we did with the panel !!

Halloween is coming faster than you think.  We are getting some fun new Halloween collections.  These 3 bolts, glow in the dark !!!  “Ready, Set, Glow”, another fun fabric from Blank.

And this SPECTACULAR new digital printing process, has produced this stunning witch silhouette, “Super Nova Seasons” from Hoffman.  We also have a Santa silhouette on a blue night sky.

Beautiful sunflowers accented with gold is our latest fall fabric from Hoffman, “Falling For You”.

Another fun fall fabric collection is from Clothworks, “Fall Feast” is so cute with the bird houses.

Not necessarily a fall fabric, the colors in this darling “Roosters” collection by In the Beginning work beautifully with all the fall colors here in the shop. (check out the chicken wire !! )

Another chicken fabric collection is”Elegant Roosters” by Clothworks.

The Holiday fabrics are starting to trickle in.  We keep all our Holiday fabrics out & available all year long.  So keep an eye out for the latest Holiday prints.  Like this nostalgic Christmas scene panel that just arrived, “Winter Snow” by Timeless Treasures.  I love the quilt block on the end of the barn !!

We have a large variety of blenders too.  The “Artisian Spirit” by Northcott collections are highlighted with gold and so very popular.  They just seem to go with anything and add that extra spark.

Close ups:

Our many, many Shannon Cuddle fabrics continue to be a favorite to back your quilts.  Our ever changing stock is irresistible.  Use your imagination, jackets, baby supplies, bathrobes, toys, throws and pillows, it’s endless !!!











Closed for New Year’s

HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!  Bring on 2017

We hope y’all  have a wonderful and safe New Year’s celebration.

We are closed for the Holiday

Sat Dec 31

Sun Jan 1

Mon Jan 2

We are back on Tuesday Jan 3, 2017

December Newsletter

Merry Christmas Y’All

It’s the last month in 2016 and it honestly feels like it’s been 3 years long. This year has been an extremely busy year for me. So much has happened, I’m trying to catch my breath & analyze it all. I want to say a heart felt THANK YOU to all of you customers and friends who continue to support me in this venture. It’s an enormous undertaking and overwhelming most of the time. It would not be possible without y’all.

For the last year plus, I have had the privilege of having DG Lawrence work along side me 2 days a week. Her effervescent personality has been a joy to all of us. She has been an invaluable “right hand” to me. I am very saddened by the news that her doctor will not allow her to work anymore. I am lost without her. However, she promised that she will still be chauffeured up here to Medina once every 2 month to do Strip Club. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for all her help and input and guidance. I miss her every day.

As always, new fabrics and notions continue to arrive weekly. Lots of fun things to do & great ideas. I learn so much from all of you every day. I get great ideas to pass on and hear of wonderful new products to try. It’s a fabulous exchange of knowledge.

Our class list for December is short due to the holidays and all the busyness that it brings with it. Please be sure to check the calendar and don’t miss out.

Our Grab Bag this month is a “Last Minute” gift pack for you. It contains patterns & pre-cut fabric for making; 2 pillowcases and a 10 Minute Table Runner. Quick & Easy projects to assemble for that emergency gift.


We have a large assortment of gift ideas this year, for the sewist and non-sewist alike.   Be sure you check it all out. You might just find that perfect gift.  We also have gift cards when you just can’t decide what to get.


May your Holiday Season this year be “Merry & Bright” and may all your dreams come true.

From our Little Cottage to yours.

Very Merry Christmas, Donette

December Calendar

Sat Dec 3 – 10:30 am

Folded Star Ornament workshop Fee – $45 (includes kit)


Please let me know for a kit count

Sun Dec 4 – Medina Community Christmas Festival

7 am Breakfast – “Pancakes & Holly” at Community Center

4 pm Music Program at the Library followed by Santa’s arrival

Tree Lighting

 Merchants Open House

Vet Clinic 4 pm to ?? snacks & beverages

Little Cottage Quilt Shop  6 – 8 pm coffee & cookies

Old Timer 6 – 8pm light refreshments


Wed Dec 7 – 1 pm

Open Sewing workshop

Fri Dec 9 – 9 am

Coffee at the Cottage

Fri Dec 9 – 10 am

Hand Embroidery Club

Sat Dec 10 – 1 pm Strip Club

(November was rescheduled)

This gorgeous quilt has been requested several times, you won’t want to miss this one.


(Remember to pay in advance to get your pattern free)

Wed Dec 14 – 1 pm

Open Sewing workshop

Wed Dec 21 – 1 pm

Open Sewing workshop

Sat Dec 24 – 26 Closed for Christmas

Wed Dec 28 – 1 pm

Open Sewing workshop

Sat Dec 31 – Jan 2 Closed for New Years

Please reserve your space for the workshops ASAP

Valuable Info

It has been brought to my attention that my website and newsletter are written as if everyone already knows about all the tings I talk about. I apologize. I am working on getting the website set up better. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough room on each newsletter to explain everything. So I am hoping that this “Key” will help. Please print it out if you need & feel free to pass it on to someone new.

Coffee at the Cottage:

Every 2nd Friday of each month at 9 am, stitchers gather here at the Cottage for coffee and conversation. It is usually our local group of quilters, but anyone is welcome to come and meet new sewists, share ideas, Show & Tell, drink coffee & laugh alot. It’s free

Hand Embroidery Club:

AKA “Stitchy Women”. Every 2nd Friday of each month, at 10 am, following Coffee at the Cottage. Come & learn about hand embroidery, beading, embellishments & appliqué. There are many helpful and friendly “masters”, willing to teach you all they know. It’s free

Strip Club:

It’s all about strip piecing. Once every 2 months , on a Saturday afternoon, a group of “Strippers” gather to share their previous strip quilt, learn about the next pattern, pick out their fabrics for the next pattern & have fun. The meeting is free & open to everyone interested. Watch the calendar for the dates.

Open Sewing Workshop:

Every Wednesday 1-4pm you can come to the Cottage and get a private lesson on anything sewing you would like to learn or need help with. The fee is $25 for the afternoon.