Aprons, Aprons, and More Aprons

Aprons, Aprons, and More Aprons

Aprons are a big deal today.  I love it !!

I love Aprons,  I wear Aprons,  I make Aprons, and have done so for decades.  They are a fun thing to do with fabrics.  I have a bunch of different kind of Apron patterns at the Cottage too.

A while back, one of the fabric reps came in with their samples to show.  One fabric manufacture was printing the entire “Apron”, everything you need, the Apron, the ties and the pockets, all on one panel of fabric.   All you have to do is cut around the lines and sew it up.  It’s a great quick gift idea too.  We got 2 different ones;

“Wine A Little…You’ll Feel Better” and “Le Petit Bistro”.

Here is one of the “Le Petit BistroAprons all made up.   I like my Aprons lined, it gives them body and substance.  The pockets and ties don’t seem to tear out as easily over time with a lining.  (Plus I just like the nice finished edge)  I  lined it with unbleached muslin.  Just laid the panel on the muslin and cut them both out at the same time.  I basted the straps in place,  put right sides together and sewed them “envelope” style, leaving a small opening at the bottom for turning.  Turned it right side out and pressed.  I sewed the pocket on through all thicknesses and top stitch around the entire edge, closing up the opening for turning at the bottom. Then I top stitched on the black boarder line to make it look like it was sewn on. (just a little visual trick)  It took me a bit longer to do it this way, but it was worth it.  It turned out so nice.  And look how cute this print is !! 🙂  Make one for the coffee lover in your life. (maybe that’s you)

A panel apron - Everything you need printed on the fabric.  Cool idea !!

Or maybe you are more of a “Wine A Little……….” person or know someone this would be perfect for.  They are fun, quick and easy to do.  Again I lined it with muslin.  I added a button and button holes on both of these Aprons.  I also did a decorative stitch around the edge to give it a little extra finish.  This panel comes with two pockets printed on it.  But the design on the Apron itself was too beautiful to cover up with big pockets.  So I made pot holders out of the pockets and used a coordinating fabric from the same collection to make a smaller pocket on the side. (I’m a directions rebel, I always deviate from the instructions)


When I was about to open the Cottage, I ask several ladies in our community to help me out by making “samples” to display in the shop.  They were all eager to help and did a fabulous job.  I gave the Apron task to Cecilia Albus.  She is an avid Apron maker and has done many, many Aprons.  I gave her the fabric and left the rest up to her.  She not only made this cute garden theme Apron, (it’s reversible), she went on to make many more for the Cottage and my family.  Talk about above and beyond the call.  She is such a fabulous lady.


Here is a “Blast from the Past”  50’s era Apron with a modern twist.  I love this one !  The fabric is the “Fruit Ladies” collection and it gets lots of attention and laughs.  Hey, if we can’t laugh at ourselves……………. Thanks Cecilia for brightening our day.


And yet another beautiful and fun Apron from Cecilia.  She made this one for my cat lover granddaughter to wear while she helps me out at the Cottage.  It too is reversible and my granddaughter absolutely loved it.  Tooooooooo cute for words.  This is the heart side.


 This is the Cat side, her favorite.


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  • Olivia Furlan  says:

    I have one of Cecelia’s apron’s, a reversible Christmas one, and I love it! Apron’s are such a fun way to dress up in the kitchen. 🙂

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