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Looks What’s New !!!!!

Time flies when you are busy !!  No sooner did Row by Row wind down than a flurry of deliveries started flooding in.  It’s a mad house around here !!  New fabrics, new thread cabinet and colors, new “Old Style” 100% Cotton laces & rick rack in pastels, new flannels, new buttons, new linen blend 60″ wide and new Cuddle fabrics 60″ & 90″ wide.  We are stocking River Silks fabulous silk ribbon and BEADS !!!!  Glorious Czech glass beads !!

And right on time,now that the quilt show is finished and all the quilts have been retrieved by their owners, the classroom looks naked !!  Time to get busy and schedule more classes and get some projects done.  Christmas is right around the corner and at the rate time is flying by, it will be here before we know it.  Time to get busy !!

Pictures never do true justice to fabrics or quilts, but here are some exciting things to think about !

Come into the shop and check them out when you are our the area:


You have to feel this to believe it !!  Shannon’s “Spa Cuddle”.  This glorious fabric, just in time for fall, is “Cuddle” soft on BOTH side of the yardage !!  Add a beautiful binding and it’s snuggle ready 🙂  Or make up a fantastic bathrobe that will caress you all winter long.  The “Camo Cuddle” is back and “Star Embossed Cuddle” made it’s debut. (more coming in a few weeks)


Spa Cuddle (the pink close up) in 3 colors; pink navy, tan  ~ Rabbit Cuddle (close up on the end)

DSC_2348Also more colors in the amazing Suede Cloth by Shannon.

The beautiful and sumptuous Linen Blend by Stof from Denmark.  This is the loveliest fabric to work with.  If you sew clothing at all, you want some of this !!  Jackets, skirts, pants, even shirts.  It’s wonderful to embroider on and Home Decor items are a no-brainer with this fabulous fabric.  It washes up like a dream, it’s soft, smooth and comfortable, yet crisp when pressed.  I got a bolt to “try” and it flew out the door.  So I ordered it again in 3 colors this time, white, black & sand.  More to come in the future.  Look at all the rich colors this blend (55% Linen~45% Cotton) comes in,  Let me know which color you want me to order next


More fun and cuddly flannel.  Now that Old Man Winter is knocking on our door, it’s time to think about flannel shirts & pajamas, not to mention baby quilts  & throws for everyone !!  I even made a “Little Somethin’ Jacket” out of flannel and it is the best !!  (I’ve used it all summer too when the A/C gets to me)

These are, ohhhh so soft, yarn died flannels, (the plaids) Yarn dying makes the flannel look and feel the same on both sides.

There is just something nostalgic about flannel.  Gotta love it !!


New fabrics for the “Modern Quilt” minded.  But it’s working for all kinds of things too.  Everything from baby burp pads to aprons and skirts to wall hangings.  Everyone’s fabulous creativity never ceases to amaze me !!!!  I love it !!

Fabrics from Northcott and Micheal Miller


These wonderful blenders from Northcott are so soft and beautiful, you won’t believe it.  The brown looks like old leather. Wonderful!

5073-61 nrthctt aqua5072-36 nrthct brwn5068-59 northcott ylw_orng

Buttons, Buttons and more Buttons


A wall of buttons !!  All the new Christmas and Holiday buttons have arrived.  Halloween, Thanksgiving, new standard shirt & clothing buttons.  Novelty buttons of all kinds !  Here are some close-ups of the ever popular “Nativity” set.  The have added new ones this year.  Last year they sold out, so don’t delay if you want these darling buttons

DSC_2338 DSC_2337 DSC_2336

Along with the buttons, our supplier has made “Crafting Beads for Jewelry Kits”.  Eight different popular Disney characters to chose from and make up with your little princess.  One of  my customers kindly allowed me to post this picture of  her darling granddaughter proudly wearing her creation.  Sooooo Cute !!!


Glass Beads and Silk Ribbons

For a few months now, we have been stocking River Silks fabulous silk ribbon.  River Silks ribbon is the best on the market, I’ve been told.  It has been tested thru canvas and proven not to fray or split.  We have  4mm, 7mm and 13mm widths.  We are increasing our color selection with each order.  Come in and see how wonderful it is and how easy it is to work with.  Watch us grow !! (next order in progress to fill the empty spots on the wall & add a few new ones too)


Beads that sparkle and shine are lighting up the wall right next to the silk ribbon.  Beautiful, quality Czech glass beads are complimenting our embellishment wall.  Our first order came last week and we are still getting them packaged and up on the wall.  The next order is already in progress to improve and expand the pallet.

We are truly excited about our beads !!

Watch for more arriving, it’s just the beginning. 🙂


It’s really hard to keep up around here with so much going on.  The annual Medina Quilt Fest was last month and the classroom was filled with beautiful quilts made by the Medina Quilters on display.  Thanks so much ladies (That’s why the classes were halted)

DSC_2277 DSC_2281 DSC_2286 DSC_2276

Next post ….new class schedule …..stay tuned

Glorious Hummingbirds Fabric and Pattern

Glorious Hummingbirds Fabrics & Patterns

Benartex’s Glorious Hummingbirds fabrics are now available at

Little Cottage Quilt Shop !!

For those of you who have been waiting for this fabric,  it’s now out in the showroom for you !!  We have finished our Glorious Hummingbirds quilt Block of the Month class.

This quilt is a beauty, but it was a big challenge for all of us.  We made it though !!!  We have all learned A LOT !!  If you are up for a challenge” quilt project to stretch your skills, this is the one for you 🙂  The complete pattern set is now available to anyone for $59.99 a set.  The remaining beautiful fabrics are also available for $11.99 a yard.  This has been a heavily sought after fabric and from all reports, it’s sold out everywhere.  Because I had it held back for the B.O.M. group, we have it available now !! 🙂


We have  all the fabrics for both the black color way and the cream color way, except for 3 fabrics.  We have sold out of 1 of the blue fabrics and 1 of the cream background fabrics and the black backing fabric.

DSC_2122                          DSC_2124

Isn’t this quilt breathtaking !!!!!

I love the stunning colors and the fabric toooooooooooo much 😉

Grand Opening Festivities

Grand Opening Festivities


The Grand Opening of the new Bonnet Classroom was a great success. 80 to 100 people helped us celebrate the accomplishment. It was a fun and glorious afternoon. We dedicated the new classroom to the Bonnet family of Medina.  Many of the Bonnet family were in attendance.  Parelee Bonnet and Lucille Bonnet, her daughter-in-law, were part of the co-founding women of the Medina Quilt group.  Rodger Bonnet, Parelee’s son, has worked tirelessly on the classroom for the Medina Quilting Community, in honor of his wife,  his mother and sisters.  He is a wonderful, generous and giving man and we couldn’t have done it without him.  We can’t thank him enough for everything he does for us.  We also thank his mother and wife for the beautiful legacy they have left for all of us.



                         These first 3 quilts were hand pieced and hand quilted by Parelee Bonnet.  The 4th quilt was done by 3 of the Bonnet women.  It was started by Parelee in the late 1990s. ( the last quilt she made)  After she passed away, Lucille worked on it in the early 2000’s until she became too ill and passed away.  Then Parelee’s daughter Phyllis Doss took the quilt and finished it in 2013.  A family legacy quilt indeed.

The family generously donated Parelee’s  100 year old (approximately) treadle sewing machine to the classroom for care and keeping.  It’s a beauty.


Part of the festivities was a heated Jelly Roll Race. Four women, Edie Jessup, Jane Kelly, Linda Mosley and Julie Schmidt were our contestants. On your mark…….Get set…….. SEW !!!!!! It was great fun to watch, my grandson was mesmerized. It was sew as fast as they could to the final. A grueling hour before we had a winner. At the one hour mark, Edie Jessup finished her quilt and won the $100 gift certificate and free long arm quilting by “Cotton Pickin’ Scraps”. (Thank you Brenda !!)  The runners up won a $20 gift certificate and walked away with their BEAUTIFUL quilt tops !! I am still in awe of how beautiful this method turns out. It really shows off the fabric in the jelly roll or strip pack. Everyone said they had a blast doing it and requested to make it an annual event. Linda and Julie are mother and daughter. Julie’s daughter joined them as their “assistant”. Next year she wants to participate. How fabulous !! Three generations of quilters competing side by side. I am very excited about it.   So be thinking about getting your 3 generations together to compete in this bonding experience next summer.



and the furious sewing commenced.  All four contestants concentrating and working hard.









    with her beautiful “Essential Gradations” (by Benartex) jelly roll top all pieced together   (will post a better picture later).

TIME: 1 hour

Version 2



           with her bright and beautiful “Stonehenge Singapore Sling” (by Northcott) strip pack all pieced together and ready to go.

TIME: 1 hour 20 min.




 with her beautiful “Stonehenge Sand & Surf” (by Northcott) strip pack finally done.

TIME: 2 hours 30 mins.


   Linda Mosley decided to finish her quilt at home.  We will post a picture of her finished quilt top later.

We also had a special presentation to the oldest member of Medina’s Quilt Group. Evalyn Poole had her 95th birthday on July 27th.  She had an antique quilt top that was a wedding gift to her and her husband, hand pieced together by her husband’s grandmother.  It had never been quilted.  Last January she brought it to us for help in finishing it.  So a team of quilters from the group set to work to complete the quilt for her. We presented it to her at the Grand Opening.  She told me this morning that she slept under her wedding quilt for the first time Saturday night and it felt wonderful.  How fantastic that we could make that happen for her.


DSC_2055Evalyn and her 3 daughters

We had tons of food and lots of folks visiting with friends that they hadn’t seen in awhile. Those who participated in the Fabric Treasure Hunt had fun finding all 12 hidden fabrics. Apparently, I made it too hard. 🙁 Sorry.  But it was still fun, even for those who don’t sew.


IMG_2853 (1)

Thanks to all who came and made it a memorable day in the history of Little Cottage Quilt Shop.

IMG_2861 Me, my oldest daughter and granddaughter 🙂

Medina QuiltFest 4


Medina QuiltFest 4

Come to the beautiful Hill Country to enjoy the Medina Quilter’s QuiltFest 4.  Enjoy beautiful quilts, fun challenges and good friends.  Be sure to pick up your discount coupon for the Little Cottage Quilt Shop while you are at the quilt show.  It’s well worth the trip, you’ll be glad you did 🙂

(Here is a picture of the poster (I couldn’t get the PDF to copy and paste  aaaccckkk !:( )


Another Beautiful Quilt

Another Beautiful Quilt

We are so fortunate to have so  many talented quilters that come into our shop.  They always have great ideas and beautiful work.  This beauty is made by Cindy Z., a weekly regular here at the Cottage.  She made it with the “Papillon” collection by Benartex.  The backing was “Eiffel Tower” by Micheal Miller.  She also used a grey “Hand Spray” by RJR Fabrics for the sashing.

Beautiful fabrics, beautiful quilt, beautiful person !!  Thank you Cindy for sharing with us.


The backing really speaks of Paris and ties it all together.


Beautiful Quilts to Admire

Beautiful Quilts to Admire

Time is a fleeting thing.  We never have enough of it.  I need at least 48 hours a day to be able to get everything done.  I’m falling way behind in my blogging and keeping up with my stories.  But, every day is a new day and I am ever hopeful, every day, that I will get caught up and back on track.  Maybe someday soon.  For now, I would like to share with you some more beautiful quilts done by others.  Lovely women that I am fortunate to have  be a part of my life.  And I thank each of them for their contribution and influence.

This darling little baby blanket sized quilt was pieced and quilted by Dinah Keeley for us to display here at the Cottage.  It is made with the “Darcy” collection from Windham fabrics.  It’s so sweet and soft.  A perfect blanket for a new baby.  Wonderful job Dinah !!  Thank you so much.




On the other end of the chart is this fun and funny “Fruit Ladies” quilt.   Made by Eva Bell for her daughter’s birthday and quilted by Ann Wells on the long arm.  (bed throw size)  Great job ladies, thanks for making us smile.  It’s made with the “Fruit Ladies” collection by Elizabeth’s Studio.  If you can’t laugh at yourself………………………………………………….   Look closely, which one are you ?




This labor of love was made from a donated charm pack and other fabrics.  It was pieced together and tied by members of the Medina Quilt Group.  This sweet lap sized quilt was then given to a dear lady in our community to comfort her during a very rough medical ordeal.  The Medina Quilt Group makes quilts to give to those in need in our community.  The project is called “Here’s a Hug” quilts.  Thank you to all the wonderful, giving women who participate in this project.







Cottage Sample Quilts, Plus

Cottage Sample Quilts, Plus

We have a very fun and supportive Quilt Group here in Medina.  The wonderful women that belong to it are always ready to help with anything at a moments notice.  They are fabulous !!  When we were frantically working on the Cottage to make it useable for the Quilt Shop, I had to look ahead to when we would be open.  I needed to have some sample quilts made for display some of the beautiful fabrics that were arriving by the truck load.  I turned to our reliable, experienced and skilled Quilt group ladies for help.  They were eager to do anything I needed.


We chose designs, picked out (what we considered) the best fabric combinations, cut what was required and distributed the quilt packages to the volunteers.  The results were magnificent.  We are so grateful to these precious, giving ladies for their love and support.  We love the creativity and innovation of the individual “quilt artists” that worked on these quilts.

“Scrappy Lone Star” Wall Quilt

Assembled and machine quilted by Edie Jessup

finished size is 33″ X 33″

The star is made up with batiks.  The background is a cowboy toile.  The backing and binding are also a batik.

Edie used her artistic license and innovation to change the pattern assembly method a bit to avoid cutting up the scenes on the cowboy toile.  Instead of piecing the background, she appliqued the star onto the background, leaving it in one piece.  Good thinking Edie, Thank You so much.

This pattern was a free download off the internet.  (I don’t know who the designer is, I would gladly credit them for this beautiful design.)  We have free copies for anyone who would like one.  Come into the shop and asked for one.  We still have some of this magnificent fabric left, or pick out a color pallet with your own artistic eye.



“We Care” Lap Quilt

Assembled and Hand Quilted by Cecilia Albus

finished size  40″ X 40″

pattern design by Whistler Studio

We chose a variety of fabric collections to coordinate with the “Calling All Nurses” collection from Windham Fabrics.  We left it up to Cecilia to put it together in a manner pleasing to her.  She appliqued the hearts onto the corner blocks and hand quilted the “big stitch quilting” around each block.  The backing is black & white ticking and the wide black boarder, is also the binding.  Thanks again Cecial for your boundless gifts of time and energy and this fun quilt.

This is also a free pattern for the asking here at the shop.  We have the “Calling All nurses” collection.  Mix and Match to please your creative spirit.  {for those intimidated by this process, we will gladly help you with suggestions and direction)



“Rail Fence” Quilt   (kids flannel)

Assembled and machine quilted by Sandi Prom

finished size 36″ X 44″

pattern from Better Homes & Gardens “Quilt-Lovers” Favorites Vol. 11

Quick and easy to make and fun to work on, flannel is always a timeless basic.  These fun printed & solid flannels combine for a cute and cuddly kids “drag around” companion.  Sandi did a stair step pattern in the ditch for the machine quilting.  The backing is the blue bubble flannel and the binding is the royal blue flannel.  Thanks Sandi !

Just come in the shop and ask for this free pattern for your fun and loved kids quilt.  {it also makes a cozy adult throw out of our elegant flannels}  We have lots of beautiful flannels for you to choose from. 🙂


“Me and My Shadow” Wall Quilt

Assembled by Ann Wells – Machine quilted by Donette Backlund

finished size  42 1/2″ X  26 1/2″

pattern from Better Homes & Gardens “Quilt-Lovers Favorites” Vol 11

Ann and I collaborated on this modern take of lights and darks from Benartex’s “Fossil Fern” collection.  What do you see in it’s design ?  We have been surprised at all the different things people see.   Great FUN !!!

Another free pattern for the asking,  just come on it and tell us what you see.  The Fossil Fern is a delightful twist on the solids for modern quilts of today.  Incorporate it into your next modern or traditional quilt for that extra spark.  This collection, on the shelves, looks like tubes of bright colored candy in a candy store.  DELICIOUS  🙂



Kid Quilt Fun

Kid Quilt Fun

Making a quilt should be an exciting adventure.  From picking out the fabric and design to the final binding stitch.  Around our house, there are always 5 or 6 quilts in process at various stages.  Some get bumped back down the line for a more “urgent” deadline.  One of those “urgent” deadlines, are kids quilts.  Kids grow so fast, their quilts can’t wait, not if they are going to enjoy them as kids !  That’s the priority system around here.  With 7 grand kids to make quilts for, it’s what we seem to do the most of.   They are fun and fast and get loved and used more than any other kind of quilt.

Kids quilts are great for beginners too.  Let’s face it, if your work isn’t perfect the first time around, the recipient of your efforts doesn’t care and will love it just the same.  They are usually simple and easy and great practice.  You might want to consider making a couple of kids quilts for your first quilts, or to test out a technique or hone you skills for a bigger project.  They will be loved and played on and dragged around for a few years.  Then they will become cherished keepsakes.

Exhibit #4

Now this quilt is a very special kids quilt.  This darling labor of love was made by my 10 year old granddaughter for two of her little cousins for their journey to a far away country.  At Thanksgiving, she took this piece of fabric home with her and colored everyday.  This is what it looked like when she started.


Then she brought it back to me.  I cut the strips for the boarders, but she did all the pieced sewing.  She did a fabulous job.  I did the batting, backing and machine quilted it.  Then sewed on the cute bug buttons.  It was sent to the cousins for their very long trip.  It is such a keepsake and the little ones love it so much.  They play with it every day and know that they are loved and missed.

Made by my 10 yr old granddaughter

We have some of this fabric is still available for your kid quilt.  You can send the fabric to the kids to color and send back to you.  If they live close to you or they are your children, you can color with them.  Then you can make up the quilt and give to them.  A real family effort.  Or you can color it yourself 🙂  (you would be surprised at how many women have done that – coloring is soothing and relaxing)

It can be colored with old fashioned wax crayons, fabric markers, or fabric paint.  If you use fabric markers or fabric paints, follow manufactures instructions for setting the color.  If you use crayons, be sure they are NOT washable crayons.  When the coloring is finished, you will need to iron the wax out of the fabric & set the color.  Lay the colored side down on brown paper.  This can be brown paper bags. (do not use newspaper) Using a hot iron, slowly move over the wrong side of the colored area until the wax is absorbed into the brown paper.  Put fresh brown paper under each section so the colors don’t transfer back onto the fabric where you don’t want it.  Then proceed with your quilt construction of choice.  Don’t forget to date and name each kid (& or adult) who participated in the project.  That can be done on the front under the squares, or make a label for the back.  But above all,

HAVE FUN and ENJOY !!! making this memory.

Exhibit #5

This is a fun, quick and easy panel quilt I made for one of my grandsons.  I added one small boarder around the panel.(green)  I machine quilted around each of the animals outline and also some of the background to make sure the batting would stay in place through many a washing.  I securely sewed a tiny black button on each animals eyes to add a bit of dimension.  Then I bound it in a third color (yellow) for added pop.  This quilt became his favorite right out of the package and he won’t sleep without it.

Simple panel quilt for one of my grandsons

Quilts I Have Made

Quilts I’ve Made

To start building the Finished Quilt/Project Gallery, I am adding pictures of a couple of quilts that I have made.  I will be adding more quilts as we go along.  Some made by our talented customers and some others I have made.  Plus new ones as they are done.

Exhibit #1

I used farmer’s market collection to make this fruits and veggie quilt.  I used a pattern out of Jane Hardy Miller “French Braid Transformation” book , called “The Wave”.  I increased the size to a king size bed quilt and added borders.

This is the quilt I made for my son for his birthday

For my son’s birthday

DSC_8898 - Version 2

close up of the fabric designs

Exhibit # 2

I pieced together this bright and cheery quilt top for our local quilt group.  The jelly roll strips were donated to the group.  I volunteered to piece it together for a fundraiser project.  It was my own design from the strips I was given to use.  Then I handed it off to another member for the quilting.  It was a lap size quilt.  It turned out really cute :), and the group that received it for their auction, loved and appreciated it.

for the Medina Quilt Group

for the Medina Quilt Group

Exhibit #3

This is a quick, easy and fun way to use a panel.  I made this wall quilt for one of my granddaughters (the cat lover), for Christmas a couple of years ago.  I added borders around the panel and machine quilted in the ditch and around the squares outlines.   I used unbleached muslin for the backing.  I did the binding in the contrasting black for pop.  Instead of making a label for the back, I wrote on the backing with fabric markers.  I don’t know that I will do that again.  They bled a bit and I don’t know how many washing it will survive.