Cottage Sample Quilts, Plus

Cottage Sample Quilts, Plus

We have a very fun and supportive Quilt Group here in Medina.  The wonderful women that belong to it are always ready to help with anything at a moments notice.  They are fabulous !!  When we were frantically working on the Cottage to make it useable for the Quilt Shop, I had to look ahead to when we would be open.  I needed to have some sample quilts made for display some of the beautiful fabrics that were arriving by the truck load.  I turned to our reliable, experienced and skilled Quilt group ladies for help.  They were eager to do anything I needed.


We chose designs, picked out (what we considered) the best fabric combinations, cut what was required and distributed the quilt packages to the volunteers.  The results were magnificent.  We are so grateful to these precious, giving ladies for their love and support.  We love the creativity and innovation of the individual “quilt artists” that worked on these quilts.

“Scrappy Lone Star” Wall Quilt

Assembled and machine quilted by Edie Jessup

finished size is 33″ X 33″

The star is made up with batiks.  The background is a cowboy toile.  The backing and binding are also a batik.

Edie used her artistic license and innovation to change the pattern assembly method a bit to avoid cutting up the scenes on the cowboy toile.  Instead of piecing the background, she appliqued the star onto the background, leaving it in one piece.  Good thinking Edie, Thank You so much.

This pattern was a free download off the internet.  (I don’t know who the designer is, I would gladly credit them for this beautiful design.)  We have free copies for anyone who would like one.  Come into the shop and asked for one.  We still have some of this magnificent fabric left, or pick out a color pallet with your own artistic eye.



“We Care” Lap Quilt

Assembled and Hand Quilted by Cecilia Albus

finished size  40″ X 40″

pattern design by Whistler Studio

We chose a variety of fabric collections to coordinate with the “Calling All Nurses” collection from Windham Fabrics.  We left it up to Cecilia to put it together in a manner pleasing to her.  She appliqued the hearts onto the corner blocks and hand quilted the “big stitch quilting” around each block.  The backing is black & white ticking and the wide black boarder, is also the binding.  Thanks again Cecial for your boundless gifts of time and energy and this fun quilt.

This is also a free pattern for the asking here at the shop.  We have the “Calling All nurses” collection.  Mix and Match to please your creative spirit.  {for those intimidated by this process, we will gladly help you with suggestions and direction)



“Rail Fence” Quilt   (kids flannel)

Assembled and machine quilted by Sandi Prom

finished size 36″ X 44″

pattern from Better Homes & Gardens “Quilt-Lovers” Favorites Vol. 11

Quick and easy to make and fun to work on, flannel is always a timeless basic.  These fun printed & solid flannels combine for a cute and cuddly kids “drag around” companion.  Sandi did a stair step pattern in the ditch for the machine quilting.  The backing is the blue bubble flannel and the binding is the royal blue flannel.  Thanks Sandi !

Just come in the shop and ask for this free pattern for your fun and loved kids quilt.  {it also makes a cozy adult throw out of our elegant flannels}  We have lots of beautiful flannels for you to choose from. 🙂


“Me and My Shadow” Wall Quilt

Assembled by Ann Wells – Machine quilted by Donette Backlund

finished size  42 1/2″ X  26 1/2″

pattern from Better Homes & Gardens “Quilt-Lovers Favorites” Vol 11

Ann and I collaborated on this modern take of lights and darks from Benartex’s “Fossil Fern” collection.  What do you see in it’s design ?  We have been surprised at all the different things people see.   Great FUN !!!

Another free pattern for the asking,  just come on it and tell us what you see.  The Fossil Fern is a delightful twist on the solids for modern quilts of today.  Incorporate it into your next modern or traditional quilt for that extra spark.  This collection, on the shelves, looks like tubes of bright colored candy in a candy store.  DELICIOUS  🙂



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