Fabric Plates

Fabric Plates

Exclusive Fabric Plates by Zebra Patterns will be available,  for purchase,  in shops participating in the Row By Row Experience Shop Hop around the country.   Each one is unique!  Collect them, make a quilt out of them, use them as your quilt’s label,  create fun projects with them, [make sewing studio wall art or a bag], collect enough to even make a fun backing for your quilt.

Here is ours for Little Cottage Quilt Shop !!   This is our approval proof. 🙂   We should have the actual Fabric Plates in the shop the first part of May and you can start your collecting fun. 🙂

Row by Row Experience Fabric Plate for Little Cottage Quilt shop

Row by Row began in 2011 with 20 quilt shops across New York State.  In 2012 the event grew to include 62 participating shops.  Pennsylvania came on board in 2013 for a total of 138 shops throughout the two states.  In 2014 the event is moving across the country.  Over 20 states are participating and planning fun for quilters nationwide.  Although the quilt shops are organized by state, quilters have no borders.  Travel, shop, collect patterns and add rows to your quilt from any area.

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