Fossil Fern Sale

Fossil Fern

by Benartex

It’s been crazy busy around the Cottage with all kinds of activities.

Plus in the past couple of week, I have met with all my fabric reps.  You know what that means !!     Beautiful new fabrics 🙂

Shipments are starting to trickle in.  That’s FABULOUS !!!  Always so EXCITING to get new fabric !!!

(watch for the next post of new collections)

But, the down side is “SPACE”. 🙁

We are stuffed into every corner.  That means that something has to go. 🙁

        I had to take a look around and see what was taking up the most space.  To make room for all the wonderful and new fabrics, we had to sacrifice something.  The beautiful and versatile Fossil Fern collection is taking up 4 full shelves !!!  There are 100 bolts of premium quality fabric with an ingenious combinations of luscious colors.  This fabric collection, by Benartex, can be used for so many things.  Applique’ artists love it for the varied coloring in each piece.  It makes fantastic backing for your quilts, a wonderful blender for your quilt piecing.  Then let’s take a leap past quilting and think shirts/blouses, skirts, Capri pants, shorts, dresses, table clothes & runners, napkins, curtains, throw pillows, bags, pillow cases, aprons……………………………the list is endless !!!!!

So don’t hesitate to take advantage of

25% off

this entire 100 bolt collection.







One comment to Fossil Fern Sale

  • Karol Marino  says:

    Hello. I’m looking for Fossil Fern but don’t have the selvage edge to give you the number. It looks to be the 5th bolt from the left on the top row pictured above. I could send you a small piece to match up to it. If possible I’d like to buy 4-6 yards, but don’t see any cart or way to purchase it online. (Or am I just not seeing it???) I’d even get more if the price is right and the color is close, providing you still have it. Please let me know if a transaction will be possible.

    Thank you so much!!!

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