Hand Embroidery Club – May

Hand Embroidery Club – May 2014

Here at  Little Cottage Quilt Shop, we have started a Hand Embroidery Club.  It was the brain child of Dinah Keeley, one of our quilt club sisters.  She does incredibly beautiful hand work of all types.  She wanted to share her knowledge with others to help them explore their desire to do hand embroidery.  The Hand Embroidery Club was born.  We meet every second Friday of the month, here at the Cottage, at 10 am.  It’s open and informal and a very nice time together.  We share “Show and Tell” and ideas.  You can bring something you have been working on and are needing help with.  You can learn a completely new technique for something you want to do.  Or you can start a new project. We have fine quality floss and fabrics to work with here at the Cottage.

It was a dark and stormy morning today.  The sky was full of black clouds and the thunder was rumbling.  We all gathered around 10:00 and started sharing and visiting.  Sherry had brought with her an array of beautiful vintage table linens she was planning to make into window valances or something.  She also brought a project that she has been working on.  It was the center block from the Crab-apple Hill pattern, “Pieces of the Past”.  It’s a stunning vintage look quilt made up of embroidered blocks, some with applique, and a crazy quilt edge boarder. (we have this pattern here at the shop)  It’s beautiful in the pictures, but it was exquisite in person.  Thanks Sherry for sharing it.  I can’t wait to see it all finished.


So many talented women in this area.  Beautiful artists, so supportive of one another.  I am blown away by their abilities and work.  Here are some of the ladies admiring Sherry’s work.


We were really getting into sharing different ways of working with the floss, when one of the ladies’ husband came in to tell her he thought she should come home before the storm hit.  We checked the radar and it was headed straight for us.  That pretty much broke up our meeting today.  Everybody headed home to close windows and “batten down the hatches”.


Then the storm hit.  It poured rain for about half an hour or so.  Blessed rain, we really need it here in Medina.  The drought is taking it’s toll on everything.     Next month maybe we can have a longer meeting.  But no matter the length of time spent together, it’s always rewarding and wonderful.  Please come and join us. 🙂

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