Kid Quilt Fun

Kid Quilt Fun

Making a quilt should be an exciting adventure.  From picking out the fabric and design to the final binding stitch.  Around our house, there are always 5 or 6 quilts in process at various stages.  Some get bumped back down the line for a more “urgent” deadline.  One of those “urgent” deadlines, are kids quilts.  Kids grow so fast, their quilts can’t wait, not if they are going to enjoy them as kids !  That’s the priority system around here.  With 7 grand kids to make quilts for, it’s what we seem to do the most of.   They are fun and fast and get loved and used more than any other kind of quilt.

Kids quilts are great for beginners too.  Let’s face it, if your work isn’t perfect the first time around, the recipient of your efforts doesn’t care and will love it just the same.  They are usually simple and easy and great practice.  You might want to consider making a couple of kids quilts for your first quilts, or to test out a technique or hone you skills for a bigger project.  They will be loved and played on and dragged around for a few years.  Then they will become cherished keepsakes.

Exhibit #4

Now this quilt is a very special kids quilt.  This darling labor of love was made by my 10 year old granddaughter for two of her little cousins for their journey to a far away country.  At Thanksgiving, she took this piece of fabric home with her and colored everyday.  This is what it looked like when she started.


Then she brought it back to me.  I cut the strips for the boarders, but she did all the pieced sewing.  She did a fabulous job.  I did the batting, backing and machine quilted it.  Then sewed on the cute bug buttons.  It was sent to the cousins for their very long trip.  It is such a keepsake and the little ones love it so much.  They play with it every day and know that they are loved and missed.

Made by my 10 yr old granddaughter

We have some of this fabric is still available for your kid quilt.  You can send the fabric to the kids to color and send back to you.  If they live close to you or they are your children, you can color with them.  Then you can make up the quilt and give to them.  A real family effort.  Or you can color it yourself 🙂  (you would be surprised at how many women have done that – coloring is soothing and relaxing)

It can be colored with old fashioned wax crayons, fabric markers, or fabric paint.  If you use fabric markers or fabric paints, follow manufactures instructions for setting the color.  If you use crayons, be sure they are NOT washable crayons.  When the coloring is finished, you will need to iron the wax out of the fabric & set the color.  Lay the colored side down on brown paper.  This can be brown paper bags. (do not use newspaper) Using a hot iron, slowly move over the wrong side of the colored area until the wax is absorbed into the brown paper.  Put fresh brown paper under each section so the colors don’t transfer back onto the fabric where you don’t want it.  Then proceed with your quilt construction of choice.  Don’t forget to date and name each kid (& or adult) who participated in the project.  That can be done on the front under the squares, or make a label for the back.  But above all,

HAVE FUN and ENJOY !!! making this memory.

Exhibit #5

This is a fun, quick and easy panel quilt I made for one of my grandsons.  I added one small boarder around the panel.(green)  I machine quilted around each of the animals outline and also some of the background to make sure the batting would stay in place through many a washing.  I securely sewed a tiny black button on each animals eyes to add a bit of dimension.  Then I bound it in a third color (yellow) for added pop.  This quilt became his favorite right out of the package and he won’t sleep without it.

Simple panel quilt for one of my grandsons

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