Middleton Place Block of the Month “Revised”


The learning curve is steep with many speed bumps along the way.  Today I ran right smack into one.

Being a “new” quilt shop owner, there are lots of “new” things I am learning.  I have never done a Block of the Month before, and finding out how to go about doing it is like finding hens teeth !!  There isn’t much direction out there to help.

Soooooooooooooo, here is what happened;

I saw this beautiful fabric, the “Middleton Place” collection, with it’s accompanying Block of the Month poster.   I loved that it is based on this amazing plantation on the historic registry.  And I ordered 8 bolts of this marvelous fabric.  It truly is a beautiful collection.  But, and that’s a heavy but,  there was no information on how to get started.  When this gorgeous fabric arrived at the store, I didn’t know what to do with it.

I called the supplier and ask about getting the pattern.  I was told I had to find the designer of the pattern and order it from her.  Well, that took some doing, several weeks worth. (I found out later that she was in the middle of a move)  But I finally found her and ordered 6 sets of patterns thinking that at least 6 people would be interested in making this very beautiful quilt.   The patterns arrived this morning.  They are exciting, with historic facts and stories in each block pattern.   I went to work figuring out how to make up the kits.   I still didn’t have much information and was kind of feeling my way in the dark so to speak.   I started checking off the fabrics called for in the patterns when the sinking realization hit me,  I only ordered 8 of the  20  fabrics in the collection !!   Now what was I going to do??  I also realized that I needed at least 2 bolts of the main fabric in order to kit up just 6 kits. 🙁  Oooopps !!

[Here’s a little insight to the “back room” of the fabric world;  fabric manufactures only print collections once.  The suppliers buy what they think they can sell, and that’s all there is, there ain’t no more.  And when it’s gone, it’s gone.  Because we have to put in our orders months in advance, by the time you realize you need more, it’s touch an go if you can get more.]

That being said, block of the month fabrics are even worse, because you have to “sign up” for X amount of kits for  block of the month and the fabric is set aside for you.  Well, I didn’t know you had to do that 🙁   I spent the day learning all these wonderful facts…….a few months too late !!!

Our local quilt group met tonight, (our monthly meeting) and I ask those in attendance what they thought I should do.

a. try to scrounge around and find the remaining 12 fabrics in the collection to complete the kits

b. scrap the whole thing and just sell the gorgeous fabrics and patterns separately.

They voted unanimously for option b.  They all loved the fabric, but nobody wanted to do the block of the month.  Instead it was suggested that we make up our own pattern and do a block of the month with the many wonderful fabrics we already have in the shop.   EXCELLENT  suggestion and idea !! 🙂  I think we will do just that.

So, we will NOT be doing the Middleton Place block of the month.   The good news is you can still buy that fabulous fabric from Little Cottage Quilt Shop for you own designs and projects.   The individual block patterns are lovely and interesting.   We will be selling those each,  separately.   The upside of this (and I always find the upside),  we are open to suggestions and ideas for a  Little Cottage Quilt Shop block of the month ! 🙂

Please send me any and all of your ideas for:  how it could be done,  pattern themes,  favorite fabric collections, etc.  I look forward to your input and developing our own brand of block of the month.  Thanks you for your help 🙂



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  • Lisa  says:

    I want the patterns only for the block of the month for Middleton Place block of the month quilt. I’ve been looking for someone who wants to sell theirs so I’m hoping you still have the patterns. If so, how much are they? Thanks So much ! Lisa

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