More Things To Do With Fabrics

More Things To So With Fabrics

As I said in another post, I have sewn almost all my life.  I constructed clothing, home decor of all kinds,  crafts and anything else you can think of made out of fabrics, GLORIOUS FABRICS !!  I made my first quilt when I was 17.  Then when my kids were very young, I made custom order quilts for a bedding store.  Over the years I made many more quilts, but most of them were made because we needed it, quick and easy,  not necessarily works of art.  But, I think I have made many “works of art” out of fabric beyond quilts over the years.  Here are a few fun projects to inspire you to step outside the quilted box and do something more with fabrics 🙂

Tea Cozy

I Love Tea !!  I enjoy the nice hot liquid, but I love the companionship that usually comes along with the tea.  I enjoy the ambiance tea evokes.  I love the paraphernalia that accompanies tea.  (I have a very large tea pot collection)  But I think most of all, I love the feelings that I get when I can sit down with a loved one and enjoy time together over tea.

This is a cute little tea cozy I redesigned, from an old one I have had for decades, and made here for the shop.  It’s easy to use and cute to look at.  Kind of goes along with that wonderful Tea culture. 🙂  Come on and ask for your free copy of the pattern.  We’ll even make you a cup of tea if you like 🙂



Giant Pin Cushion/Gadget Caddy

I’m all about gadgets that make life easier and more efficient.  I found this nifty pin cushion on a post on FB and down loaded the free pattern.  I really liked the idea.  I decided that we needed to make one for the Cottage to share with everyone.  (not to mention corralling all the  tools scattered around the sewing table)  Ann and I both worked on it.  She took all the Fossil Fern scraps left over from a display quilt we made and did all the patchwork piecing and put it together.  Then I finished it with the stuffing.  But I added a couple of additions to the original pattern.  I wanted to use the ground walnut shells some how at the top because they sharpen the pins.  I made a pouch the same size as the top of the pin cushion and filled it with the crushed walnut shells.  Then I turned the pin cushion upside down and put the shell pouch right in next to the top surface.  Then I filled it as tightly as I could with poly fill.   As I was stuffing it tightly, it occurred to me that it’s going to be very top heavy and flip over with the ground walnut shells weight at the top.  Hmmmmm……..that’s not going to work…… IDEA…..  I made another pouch just like the ground walnut shell pouch and filled it with rice.  BINGO !!  Ballast !!  We have achieved equilibrium 🙂    It’s great, a little bit heavy, but it stays put where ever you need it.  Very handy.  Another free pattern to share, just ask for it.





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