My Latest Creation

My Latest Creation

I sew almost everyday. 🙂  Most of what I sew is practical.  I love to make items that you use, home decor, clothing, etc.  I love bags !!!!  I have been making bags of some sort all my life.  Bags carry your “stuff” !!  They are an important part of life, for all of us.  My latest bag is for my granddaughter, a cat lover.  I used the “Kat-tastic” collection by Benartex for her bag.  She is heading to middle school this fall and this can carry all her “stuff”.   It’s part of the pattern “Sew Easy Pajama Pants” by {Taylor Made Designs} for darling pajama pants & shorts & bags.  (we have both the pattern and the fabric here at the cottage)   It is a nice sized bag and could be used for a number of uses.  I added pockets to each side on the outside.  You could add pockets to the inside too, for electronics, pencils, gym shoes, or even snacks. Practice makes perfect, I’ll make it again in another collection and try a little something different in the pocket configuration.  SEW MUCH FUN !!!!


Fun and straight forward to make.  No one else will have the same one for sure !!

And while I’m on the subject of bags…………………last year, a new fabric came out.  It’s the same stuff they make the labels on jeans out of.  It’s interesting stuff.  It’s washer and dryer safe.  It’s tough and strong.  You can do a lot of things with it.  You can paint on it, rubber stamp it, sew it, just about any medium you can think of.  Different stuff to work with.  (to say the least)

So I got the brilliant idea to make a purse out of it, both as a display in the Cottage and then for me to use after.  I discovered real fast that you need to work with it as if it were leather.  The first seam I tried to turn right side out, actually ripped the thread out.  Tough stuff !!  I changed my approach.  I lined it and added pockets to hold everything inside.  I padded the handles so after I load it up with my 40 pounds of “stuff” it won’t kill my shoulders.

I have to say, it’s pretty cool fabric.  I think it would be great as: book, ipad,or e-reader covers, handles for anything, decorative “leather” accents on anything, pencil pouches, portfolios, and yes, even bags. 🙂 You will be limited only by your imagination.

It’s “kraft-tex kraft paper fabric”.  It comes in natural, white and black.  We have all three colors here at the cottage.  Try your hand at something creative today !!


Inside pockets view


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  • Burtine Kendall  says:

    I have just purchased some Kraft-tex and thank you for the information re sewing like leather. Your bag is lovely. I shall be back to visit your site again.

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