Little Cottage Quilt Shop – Part 2

Once upon a time………….

Once upon a time, in the wonderful little historic town of Medina,  in the great state of Texas,  there was a little quilt shop,  named Medina Domestic Arts Studio.  I drove back and forth past it for over a year.   I wondered what it could be.   It didn’t look like a quilt shop.   Then one day I decided to stop in and solve the mystery.   What a discovery it was ! 🙂  It was a sweet little quilt shop, friendly and welcoming, filled with glorious fabrics !

Then suddenly one day the lease was up on the space and it was going to close.   The very large quilting community in the area was in mourning !!   We would be loosing our quilt shop.

Christer and I had plans to build a camp ground catering to big rigs.   We had the perfect spot on our little ranch to build it. It was going to be our retirement project.  Then, the need for a quilt shop for the women of our community became a higher priority.   We talked and decided that we would approach Michele (the owner of Medina Domestic Arts Studio) and see how she would feel about selling her remaining stock and we would open a new quilt shop.   After she thought about it for a couple of weeks,  she decided to take us up on our offer and Little Cottage Quilt Shop was conceived.

Owning a fabric shop has always been a dream of mine.   It almost happened about 20 plus years ago, but it wasn’t meant to be then.   It’s a good fit for us.   If you have been reading the Story of Me, you already know that sewing and fabric have been a huge part of my life since I was very, very young.   And if I had my choice, a fabric shop wins hands down over a campground !

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  • TK Harrison  says:

    LOVE what you’ve done with your Little Cottage Quilt Shop!Can’t wait to read more about your fabrics, your shop and your personal story!

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