Our Row By Row Block – Part 2

Our Row by Row Block – Part 2

As with everything in life, there are twist and turns of the unexpected.  Every time you think you have it all together, something comes along to make you rethink your plan.

Ann and I designed our Row by Row Experience block and were excited about it.  I made up the prototype, which I posted earlier. (see Row by Row Experience – Our Row Block)   I liked it !!!  I hung it up in the shop to generate interest.  One evening, my trusty husband threw the first monkey wrench.  He didn’t like the fabric choice for the center squares. :{    WHAT !?!?!?!!   OK, OK ………… sometimes he has good ideas, so I reassessed.  I made up another prototype with a different  fabric in the center squares.   What a difference that made !!  That’s amazing, only one fabric change and it looks like a different pattern.  Everything is exactly the same, except for the center squares.

I ask others that came in the shop what they thought,  and the line was drawn.  So I put it to my FB friends to wade in on the decision.  WOW !!   It was a land slide toward the second prototype.  Who knew !!!  It looks like we will make up kits for our Row by Row Experience block in at least 2 fabric combinations, maybe even 3.  It’s looking like another center square contender is in the making……………….. so stay tuned !

My favorite is still the first one I made.   I think it has interesting movement.  It keeps your eye moving around in the block.    The second one I made is bright and has more “pop”.  It is much more defined and linear.  It looks “simpler”.     What are your thoughts ?

#1  center squares “print”                                                        #2 center squares”red”


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