Spur of the Moment Class scheduled


If you love bags, you are going to love this class !!

This is the second time around for this wonderful class.  Because one of the students couldn’t make the class at the last minute last time, we are offering it again.  Today it all came together for another class.  It’s the Walk About Tote Class.  Great fun class where you will make this versatile and very useful bag.  It’s a unique and different type of bag construction.  You will want to make all your bags this way from now on.  Easy, easy, easy !!!  Lots of pockets, inside and out. Big enough to use as an over night tote or shopping bag, but way to cool to sit in the closet.  You will want to use this one !!

Make a note of it ….. Wed  Jan 13th  at 10am here at the Cottage.  It’s an all day class so bring your lunch or we can pick up your order from the Apple Store just down the street.  You will need to get all your supplies before Wed class starts.  For more info call or drop by.

Class fee $45

Students having fun in class.  Nancy Springer cutting out her fungibles and Meta Baylor with her beautiful finished bag.



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