Stormy Night in Medina

Stormy Night in Medina

It’s Monday night, after Mother’s Day weekend.  I hope ya’ll had a nice Mother’s Day.  Mother Nature is kicking up her heels tonight !!!  It got quite dark early.  The wind is howling, it’s been pouring rain off and on for about two hour so far.  Constant lightening strikes across the dark sky and the thunder rolls across the sound waves.  In a way it’s cozy, safe here in the little farm house out of the weather, while the wind pounds the rain against the windows.  I’m so glad to be in here and not out there. 🙂

So tonight, I thought I would share with you some more  things to do with fabrics.  Fabric is such a versatile medium.  It can be the clothes on our back.  It can be a quilt to keep us warm, a kitchen helper, curtains for privacy & decorating.  It can be an art piece, a gift or a flag/banner.  The uses of fabrics are limited only by your imagination.  I love to see others creativity and imagination.

Here are two local ladies who ventured out of their “norm” for sewing and made these fun and easy jackets.  The pattern is “A Little Somethin’ Jacket”, by Karen Nye of CNT Pattern Co..  It’s a great pattern, quick and easy  to make.  One of these ladies has made it at least 3 times.  Once in flannel (great for cool spring evenings)long sleeved, once in a beautiful batik and the one in this picture.  Thanks for sharing ladies 🙂  I have one cut out of a grey flannel for myself, can’t wait to get it sewn up and wear it !!

DSC_0677 copy

Another basic but useful thing to do with all the beautiful fabrics out there are table runners.  They can be just decorative, or you can add insulation (like Insul-Brite, or a couple of layers of cotton batting) to the inside to use as a big hot pad for the hot dishes you serve your meals in.  This fun and attractive table runner is perfect to grace your breakfast table or coffee table.  Easy to do !!!  I took the panel, hemmed all the sides and did a pretty decorative machine stitch around the hem.  Voila !!  Instant style !!  Makes a great hostess gift too.

DSC_0442 copy

I am a Tea lover.  Anything tea !!  I love the ritual of sipping soothing tea while visiting with friends or family.  I love curling up with a nice cup of tea and reading or sewing on something.  I love tea pots, I have a collection of about 200 (some them displayed at Little Cottage Quilt Shop).  I also have a collection of antique tea cups and saucers.  I love all the paraphernalia that accompanies tea.  I love tea books and tea cook books.  So when I got this darling tea fabric, I just had to make a table runner out of it.  The table runner is a modified “10 Minute Table Runner”The pattern is free for the asking at the Cottage.


This table runner is an insulated one for those hot dishes you set on the table filled with your deliciously prepared foods for those you love.  I pieced the top together, sandwiched Insul-Brite between that and a coordinating print.  I quilted it on my machine, a quick “stitch in the ditch” and around the saying blocks.   I still have to put the red binding on it tonight.  Then it’s being dropped in the mail tomorrow for  my daughter. 🙂

I hope I have inspired you a little to use your imagination and explore many avenues of discovery with fabrics !!!



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