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Shop Hours Change

Little Cottage Quilt Shop

As of Monday, August 21, 2017, the shop will be closing at 4 pm every day.
Starting Monday, August 28, 2017, the shop will be closed on Mondays (in addition to Sundays).

Here’s why:

As the saying goes: ” everything happens at once” or “the best laid plans” or “Murphy’s Law”.  Whatever, it’s lowered the boom on me !!!

It all started with our A/C unit malfunctioning.  A problem not easily or quickly resolved.  (It’s still out, however it has been resolved and a complete new system will hopefully be installed tomorrow)  These past 6 weeks have been a flurry of organizing and planning and preparation for me to be away from the shop for 2 weeks.  My husband, Christer, was having a total hip replacement surgery and for his beginning recovery.  We picked an excellent orthopedic center with top ratings, great doctors and staff (one of the top rated in the nation).  We attended the orientation class and learned a lot.  We coordinated with the lady that works for me, with her schedule so that she would be available for the full two weeks before we set the surgery date.  For any of you who have experienced this, you know it’s a major surgery with an intense, long recovery.  I knew that 2 weeks were not going to be the whole recovery. But it would give us a chance to get him well on the way so I could go back to work.  Then my darling youngest daughter, who had just moved back to the US from Japan, was planning to take the shift for week 3.  Good plan, good organizing…………right????  We spend a month preparing the house for his recovery.  I contacted as many people as I thought would be effected by the interruption so they understood what was going on.  Everything seemed to be in place as the date approached. I thought that I had covered all the bases.

His surgery was scheduled for August 15.  We showed up at the hospital at the assigned time.  Everything was moving along smoothly as planned.  The surgery commenced and Christer was stable and did very well through the whole thing.  His joint was very badly deformed with osteoarthritis as we had seen in the X-rays.  The surgeon did a terrific job of reshaping the pelvis socket and implanting the appliance.  Big thumbs up all the way around.  Christer came out of surgery doing very well.  He was in no pain and couldn’t wait to have lunch.  Within a few hours he was up walking and sitting in the chair doing extremely well.  We were very please and so happy we had chosen that hospital to have it done.  Big thumbs up all around !!

Then I got the phone call that changed everything !!  The lady that works for me, Brenda, her husband collapsed with a brain bleed and she was headed to the hospital with him.  THAT WAS NOT PART OF THE PLAN !!!!!!!  Now what was I going to do ???  I was really stuck.  I went down to the ER to talk to her and try to formulate a plan.  She obviously wasn’t going to be available to open the shop the next day, (last Wednesday).  And I couldn’t leave either.  The next day was going to be “work day”, intense training for both patient and “coach”;  I had to be there.

I was up most of that night trying to figure out what to do. I made several trips down to the ER to confer with Brenda.  I started to make phone calls to find a solution.  Everyone was either out of town, already had a commitment, or not capable.  My youngest daughter, (I knew there was a reason we call her our “bonus baby”) came to my rescue at great last minute scramble and expense to her and her family.  They only have one car at the moment.  So her dear sweet husband took the day off work and drove her and her youngest, the 2 1/2 hour trip to Medina to open the shop.  So if you came to the shop Wednesday morning and it was closed, I apologize for any inconvenience.  We did all we could to get it open.  She arrived about 11:30 am and opened the shop.  Along with one of my very loyal customers, they ran the shop all this week for me.  I cannot express how grateful I am for their sacrifice.  Of course she couldn’t stay here until I could go to the shop, she starts her new job tomorrow and had to go home.  Her husband drove back up here yesterday to retrieve her and our granddaughter.  So now I am back to a similar situation.

Evie keeping “Grampy” busy finding Waldo.

I brought Christer home from the hospital on Thursday and he is doing much better than I am !!!  It’s very tough trying to be a complete hospital staff as well as run a business and watch a 4 year old !!!  Which brings me to the reason for this unexpected email.

Because of the medical situation for Brenda’s family, and my obligation to my husband’s recovery, we are making some adjustments to the shop’s operating hours.  Please take note of these 2 major changes and tell your friends who may be planning a trip to the shop.

As of Monday, August 21, 2017, the shop will be closing at 4 pm every day.
This will allow time in the afternoon for Brenda, to visit her husband and take care of what she needs to.  Because my daughter came this past week to help, she will not be able to help out with week 3 of recovery as planned.  So we will need to continue the reduced hours through Christer’s recovery.  We will assess it again this coming spring.
In order to ease the pressures associated with this emergency and allow for medical appointments and other family business, starting

Monday, August 28, 2017, the shop will be closed on Mondays (in addition to Sundays).
We will assess this again in late October to see how we are all doing.

Thank you so much for your understanding and patience.  This has been a very trying week for all of those concerned.  We appreciate you business and want to accommodate where and when we can.  A very big thanks to all of you whom have sent or posted encouragements, concerns and well wishes.

With sincere gratitude, Donette


Closed for Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.

Hope you are all safe and enjoying your family, friends and great food :).


We will be closed for Thanksgiving:

Thursday, Friday, Saturday and of course as always Sunday.  We will be back open on Monday Nov 28.

See you then


March Newsletter & Updates

Happy Spring

We have had some wonderful warm, sunny days in February & so far this month.  Makes you almost think that Spring is here. Then we have a cruel reminder or two, that winter can still make its presence known.

I have to apologize for not getting a newsletter out the beginning of February. It’s been a busy year for me so far. My sister, whom I haven’t seen for 3 years, came to visit for a week. It was glorious !!! We had such a great time here at the shop. She is a quilter too and got a quilt top mostly finished for a patient of hers. I miss her terribly !!   It was such a wonderful week for me. Thank you dear sister for all your help, laughs and good conversation !!!!


I am back in the saddle and getting caught up on everything. (well trying anyway) I have so many exciting things to share with you !!!

♦ ♦ ♥ ♦ ♦

We have 1 February Fabric Grab Bag left. So if you are in the club and want this darling quilt kit, don’t delay !! If you would like to join this great value club, it’s a great one to start with.  February Fabric Grab Bag is pre-cut, ready to assemble.

“Sweets for My Sweet”


March Grab Bag is ready to go and it is right in line with the Irish !! Lots o’ fun and lots o’green 😉  (a strip piecing project)

“Top O’ the Mornin’ To Ya” 


♦ ♦ ♥ ♦ ♦

Our latest coming attraction is ……………….……Strip Club ! (No pole required)


Come in and sign up for this great fun club and learn new ways to use a jelly roll .  So many wonderful ideas and quilts.  Strip Club meets the 4th Saturday every other month.
(March, May, July, September, November, Janurary)  Sign up, pay in advance and your pattern is free.   First  Strip Club meeting is Saturday March 26.  Pick up your prepaid jelly roll and free pattern.  Meet everyone who is in the club.  Get a tutorial on the pattern.  Purchase your choice of background and accent fabrics at the meeting and get a 15% discount.  Sign up and pay for the next Strip Club.  It’s a great social event, meet new friends, have tons of fun and learn new techniques.
At the next Strip Club meeting, Saturday May 21, bring your finished top for a great Show & Tell.  You will be amazed at all the different variations of the same jelly roll and pattern.  No two are ever alike.  Then pick up your next jelly roll and pattern, get the tutorial on that pattern and repeat same as the meeting before.  The Strip Club will meet 6 times a year for 6 different ways to put a jelly roll quilt together.  Lots of fun, laughter, & learning. (not to mention beautiful quilts.)  Sign up today !!

♦ ♦ ♥ ♦ ♦

When the fabric bolts get too skinny for the shelves, they get lost in the crowd and take up precious space that new collections need. So we pulled several hundred bolts off the shelves, cut them into 1 yard cuts and bagged them ready for you. Plus, they are marked down 10% at the register. You will find fabric you didn’t know we had because they were hiding behind a bigger bolt.

♦ ♦ ♥ ♦ ♦

The fine Cotton Jersey knits that we have been promising from STOF, are slowly trickling in to our great dismay. It takes a long time to get here from Demark on a ship.  We are now up to 7 of the original 14 ordered. They really are so beautifully soft and versatile. I took a yard home and washed it and it was wonderful out of the drier.  Going to make myself a pair of leggings and then some PJs (Psssssst! It’s also making great sashing on a tee shirt quilt)


We are getting lots of wonderful new fabrics here at the Cottage. I have included a couple of pictures at the bottom of the newsletter. What will you make out of them? We love show & tell !!

♦ ♦ ♥ ♦ ♦

My Valuable Info article this month is all about a terrific tool that I have been using for years and realized that most sewist don’t know what it is. Read the article at the bottom to find out.

Whew !! I think that pretty much wraps up what’s been going on here at the Cottage the past month.

See y’all soon, Donette

 ♦ ♦ ♥ ♦ ♦

Don’t forget every Wednesday afternoon is open sewing workshop. Lot’s of you are taking advantage of it and getting help with those great projects.

March Calendar

Sat Mar 12 – 1 pm  Infinity Scarf Class (please register early to get supply & prep list)

Make this ever popular Infinity Scarf.  I made this one out of the fabulous Shannon FAUX Rabbit.  So soft to the touch you never want to take it off.  But you can make it out of a Batik, or a Linen blend or one of the new knits too.




Tues Mar 15 – 10 am to 2 pm Enchanted Rose Table runner class (please register early to get your supply & prep list)

DSC_2496Very easy but looks complicated.   Don’t miss out on learning this deceptively easy technique



Fri Mar18 – 9 am  Coffee at the Cottage

Fri Mar 18 – 10 am  Hand Embroidery Club (has been moved 1 week later this month because of the Dallas Quilt Show)

Sat Mar 19 – 2 pm UFO Club {bring your projects that need a boost and get expert advice)

Sat Mar 26 – 1 pm  1st Strip Club meeting  (don’t miss out on the Fun, fun, fun – no poles needed)

Tues Mar 29 – 10 am – 3 pm  Floor Tuffet Class (please register early to get supply & prep list) (bring your lunch or we can pick up your order from the Apple Store)IMG_3205

Join all the buzz & make this cute and usable floor Tuffet

quilt together.  Lots of fun, laughter, & learning. (not to mention beautiful quilts.)  Sign up today !!


♦ ♦ ♥ ♦ ♦

                              New Arrivals                               


Cotton/Linen Blend “Shabby Chic”  by STOF



Tuscany by Henry Glass


Botanicia III by Henry Glass


Artisan Spirit Shimmers by Northcott


Lakeside Retreat by Wilimington Prints


Cotton jersey  by STOF

DSC_2523 DSC_2462










13 new colors of the American Brand solids.


Also 15 new Island Batiks, new flannels, a new collection from Jason Yenter

♦ ♦ ♥ ♦ ♦

Valuable Info

What’s a Clapper ??

I have been asked many times about an interesting tool we have here at the shop. It’s called a “Tailor’s Clapper”. It’s no wonder everyone asks what it is. Most people have never seen one and information on them is hard to find. It’s a very important tool used by tailors and dressmakers for centuries, especially in Europe. When the home sewing movement exploded in the early 1900’s, the clapper sort of fell through the cracks. Only the “professionals” continued to use them.

Lucky for us, the Clapper is back ! And becoming a popular part of the home sewing vocabulary. I have been using a clapper for years. It’s a wonderful tool that gives you professional results.

Let me introduce the “Tailor’s Clapper” and the quilting version, the “Betty B Flat”.


Tailor’s Clapper in front       Betty B Flat in back with handle

I love and use these tools constantly. (You might have seen them sitting on the ironing table in the classroom). If you want to achieve a nice flat seam or crease, this is your “go to” tool. Your seam nesting will be flawless and smooth. You can crease hems, even denim, and not need to pin at the sewing machine. You can press a sharp crease in pleats or pant legs (without a shine), in even difficult fabrics. Once you start using one of these fabulous tools, you will not want to be without it.

To use:

They are used in conjunction with your iron and steam. Press, steam, and apply the Clapper or Betty B Flat for 10 – 15 seconds. I usually follow my iron with the Betty B Flat as I am pressing seams or making bindings. This holds in the heat and steam that sets the crease or flattens your seams without scorching or burning delicate fabrics. Quilters, do not be afraid of steam. It is really your friend if you do it right. It will not stretch the fabric if you do not move the iron while it is in contact with the fabric. In fact, it will shrink back any stretching that has occurred.

Give this wonderful old tool a try, I guarantee you will love it.



Oct / Nov Schedule Calendar

Wed Oct 21 1pm Little Somethin’ Jacket class $25DSC_1821
Requirements for this class are done prior to class, so PLEASE  pay for the class and pick up the list and materials by the 19th.

Sat Oct 17  2 pm UFO Club NO FEE
Come and bring your “Un Finished Objects” & get inspired to finish them. Ideas and help are always available.

Wed Oct 28 1 pm Folded Star Ornament Class $40 (includes the kit)DSC_1180
Make this beautiful ornament for your Christmas decor or give it to a loved one. They can be made for all seasons and reasons.

Sat Oct 31 Halloween
We will be doing the “Trunk r Treat” at the Medina Fire Dept “Hunters Game Dinner” held at “The Farm” on FM 2828. Starting at 6:30 pm instead of at the Cottage this year.

Wed Nov 4 1 pm Basic Upholstery class $25  IMG_0147
Bring your SMALL project to redo and learn how easy it can be. Please pay for the class and pick up your list of supplies by the 2nd

Fri Nov 13 9 am Coffee at the Cottage
Fri Nov 13 10 am Hand Embroidery Club NO FEE
Come & enjoy & learn

Sat Nov 14 10 am Make A Bag Class $45Version 2
All day class making the”Walk About Tote”. Great bag !! Easy to do and so practical with lots of pockets. Please pay for & get supplies before the 11th.

Sat Nov 21 2 pm UFO Club
Come and bring your “Un Finished Objects” & get inspired to finish them. Ideas and help are always available.

Thurs. Nov 26 Thanksgiving Day
We will be closed. See you on Friday !!

It’s Almost Here


It’s almost here !!  Have you planned out our route yet?

What shops do you plan to visit?

Ready, SET, GO !!!


I am excited to see y’all this year.  Can’t wait to see where everyone is from and how far they have traveled.  Because the 21st is a Sunday, and we are closed on Sundays, we will be ready and waiting on Monday June 22 at 10 am.

Our row pattern is “The Four Stages of Drought”.  Water is vital to our lives.  Mother Nature has kindly fulfilled the final stages of drought for us this past month and we are grateful for the water.  Our patterns and kits are ready.  We can’t wait to get started 🙂


And don’t forget to collect all the fun and funny Fabric Plates at each participating shop.  So many great ideas for using them are everywhere.  Incorporated into your quilt top, incorporated into your quilt backing, wall hangings with all kinds of scenes, from the side of a barn to the back of little cars, sewn into bags or just framed in a collage for the wall of your sewing room.  Great memories are coming your way this summer.  Here is ours this year.  🙂

Enjoy the journey and have FUN !!!


We can ship our Fabric plate to anyone at any time.

Just call (830)589-2502 or email with your name, address and phone number.

Also, if you want our pattern or kit, and a stop in Medina just can’t be worked into your plans this summer, call or email us and we will be happy to add you to the shipping list.

Your request will be shipped after the deadline, November 1, 2015.




Stuck in the middle of a project ???

Need a little push ???

Can’t figure out what to do next ???

Join us on Saturday, May 16th
at Little Cottage Quilt shop at 2 pm for
“Group Therapy”.

We are starting a UFO ClubEvery 3rd Saturday of the month, bring your most pressing UFO and have some fun with others in the same boat.  “Two heads are better than one” and “The more the merrier”.  Sometimes just another perspective or different view is all it takes to spark a new idea or kick you out of the rut you are in.  It’s easy to get bogged down and “Can’t see the forest for the trees”.

(I’m just full of quotes tonight 😉

But seriously, we all want to finish up those nagging projects sitting on our tables mocking us because we just don’t know what to do or where to go next with them.  Sometimes just the inspiration from an other’s view is all it takes to motivate us.

Soooooooo,  pack up that UFO and join us for a fun afternoon and some great motivation.  Bring your favorite afternoon snack and we will provide the coffee and tea.

See you then !!!!

Class Date Change

Silk Ribbon Embroidery Class  has been rescheduled.
Bobbie Richard, our instructor, is enjoying a cruise.  She is worth waiting for.  Bobbie is a Martha Pullen certified instructor.  She is experienced in both silk ribbon embroidery and teaching the skill.  We are so excited to have her teach this class!
The new date is Thursday, June 18.  The class will start at 10 am and is an all day workshop.  If you are interested in this fabulous opportunity, please call the shop and get on the list. (830)589-2502
The first part of June, a special reminder email will go out to all those on the list for this workshop, with additional details including the workshop fee.
Be sure you are on the list 🙂

Medina QuiltFest 4


Medina QuiltFest 4

Come to the beautiful Hill Country to enjoy the Medina Quilter’s QuiltFest 4.  Enjoy beautiful quilts, fun challenges and good friends.  Be sure to pick up your discount coupon for the Little Cottage Quilt Shop while you are at the quilt show.  It’s well worth the trip, you’ll be glad you did 🙂

(Here is a picture of the poster (I couldn’t get the PDF to copy and paste  aaaccckkk !:( )


Christmas Ornament Class


We have had lots of inquiries about classes for this beautiful Christmas ornament.

We have decided to go ahead and start classes without the class room. (although, the guys are making great progress)  We will hold small classes in the new back room until the class room is finished enough to use.

Now, I need your help in deciding what time of day, and finding out who is interested in signing up.

Please let us know. Call the Cottage, (830)589-2502, or email,, or come on in and talk to us to get on the list.

Once we have gathered the data, I will let you know all the specifics. We can only do 8 people per class, so don’t delay. Thanks