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August 2017 Newsletter

Little Cottage Quilt Shop  August 2017 Newsletter

“Time flies when your having fun”, as the saying goes. Sometimes it flies when you are busy with the not so fun chores too. It seems like I sit at this desk most of my time and write. I write patterns and letters and this newsletter and orders and reply to emails and any number of other office chores. I really don’t mind so much about that, as I do not getting to sew !! Sewing has been such an integral part of my life, since I was a child, that it is hard to not being able to sew as much as I would like. Such is life in the fast lane I guess. I hope y’all are able to hide away in your cool sewing rooms and pass away these hot summer days creating with fabulous fabrics !! Think of me J, I live thru y’all vicariously.

No matter how well I plan the fabric orders, something always happens and everything comes in at once !! It must be the moon.  LOL !! We have received in the last week here at the Cottage, about 50 new bolts of fabric. Some of it is beautiful Christmas fabrics, a fun Route 66 collection, fabulous blenders and darling panels too. I’m trying to get everything photographed and onto the website. (Please be patient with me, I’m being pulled in about 15 different directions.) And as usual, photos don’t do the fantastic fabrics justice. You really have to see and touch them for yourself.

Barn Quilt B.O.M.

Our cute Barn B.O.M. is going great. Everybody seems to love it. We have added a bunch more people to the list. August is Block #4, “Feed & Seed”. At this point tho, we can not add anymore to the monthly list. We will make up full kits for the entire Barn Quilt for anyone who wants to do it now.

August Grab Bag

It’s August already !! A big “THANKS” goes to my dependable helper, Brenda!! The Fabric Grab Bags for August are ready to go. We have designed and written up the pattern for “School Daze”. August means back to school. So we thought this darling old fashioned panel would be interesting with a modern twist. It’s fun and easy to assemble for a great teacher gift or a comfort throw for a student. This 3 yard quilt is a very nice sized throw at 52” x 60”.

Row by Row

Row by Row is still in full swing until Sept 5. If you are new to R x R, go to this website for all the info and ideas



Little Cottage Quilt Shop Row by Row block & fabric plate 2017

As if I didn’t have enough going on, I will be out of the shop for 2 weeks starting the 15th of August. No, I’m not going on another vacation. (sniffle) I will be at home doing post-op care. The Cottage will remain open in Brenda’s capable hands. I will be back as soon as possible. I can be reached by phone or email if you need me for something.

We will resume scheduled classes in October. But we always are always available for classes upon request. Just call us or come in and set it up, for what ever it is you want to learn or accomplish.

Just a reminder about our Top Shopper award, we have a very happy winner each month of a $25 Gift card. Come on in and make sure your name gets attatched to your purchases.

See y’all soon,   Donette

August 2017 Calendar

We will do private classes for you or your group of up to 6 people. $25 per person Please call or email us to schedule your private class on the subject or project of your choice. Please give us 2 weeks notice

Wed Aug 2- 1 pm Open sewing workshop

Wed Aug 9- 1 pm Open sewing workshop

Fri Aug 11 –   9 am Coffee at the Cottage (2nd Friday of every month)

Fri Aug 11 – 10 am Hand Embroidery Club

Wed Aug 30 – 1 pm Open sewing workshop

Note: there will not be Open Sewing Workshop on Weds, Aug 16 & 23

Valuable Info

August 2017 Newsletter

“Squaring Up Blocks”

Maybe it’s my OCD personality. Maybe it’s from being married to an engineer for (almost) 45 years. Maybe it’s from gutting and rebuilding a dozen houses over those 45 years. Or maybe it’s from years of doing stained glass along side my sewing. (If my stained glass work wasn’t perfectly square, my husband would not frame them for me,) I’m very precise about “squaring up” quilt blocks, etc. I’m always amazed at how many quilters and sewist, don’t understand the importance of precise, consistent seams and squaring up your blocks as you go.

A beautiful quilt or any fiber creation, is a work of art and usually ends up a family heirloom. Some of them even end up in museums. But in order to have a work of art that is outstanding and admired by all viewers, it needs to be square and balanced. The better the basic components are, the better the end result. Now that doesn’t mean that it can’t have an asymmetrical pattern, or a scalloped bound edge. It means that the blocks that comprise the quilt piece need to be uniform and balanced, commonly referred to as “Squared Up”.

I will attempt to explain this process and hope that it is understandable as you read. It’s one of those things that is better shown than explained, but here goes:

As you assemble your blocks, as soon as you have reach a designated size, (4”, 6”, 12” etc) square up to that size. For example, the pictures I am using, are for a 16” block, so the center is going to be at the 8” mark. {I prefer to use a 16 ½” square up tool, because I can use it for any size block.}

Find the center of your block, it will be half the size of your block. (ie: 16” block, center at 8” – 6” block, center at 3” and so on) You can fold it in half and in half again the other way, or measure from the outside in. Find that measurement on your square up tool and set it at the center mark on your block.

Use the strong diagonal line of the square up tool to line up with the diagonal corners also. Watch for any star points that you might have. Make sure that the ¼” seam will still be available after you trim. You might have to adjust the square up tool to allow for that. It’s OK to “fudge” it a bit, but not too much or you will change the shape of the block and that will affect the final outcome.


Once you have placed the square up tool correctly on your block, hold it down firmly and trim off the excess on the right & top sides ONLY.

[If you have a turn table cutting mat, turn the table around 180 degrees to cut the other 2 sides, but you will still have to lift the square up tool to adjust for the second trim] If you don’t have a turn table, pick up the square up tool and the block. Turn your block 180 degrees. Lay the square up tool back down on the block. Only this time you are going to line up the 2 edges that you just cut with the measurement line on the ruler that matches your block size Trim off the remaining 2 side of the block.


Once you have made all your block the same uniform size, the assembly of the blocks into the finished quilt top will be much easier. The final appearance of the top will be smoother, better matched up and lay flatter.

Little Cottage Quilt Shop

14076 State Hwy 16       Medina, Texas 78055             830-589-2502








Updated Class Schedule


Updated Class Schedule

We are so please with the classroom and how well it has been received !  The response to the classes has been phenomenal !!  I thought when we planned to build a classroom that it would be a great asset to the Cottage, but it is so nice to actually have it happen 🙂

Please call or come into the Cottage to sign up for or inquire about any of these classes.


Here is the latest list of classes that are scheduled for February and March.  We will be adding more classes in March.

Feb. 11, at 2 pm ~ the Medina Garden Club will hold their monthly meeting with a slide show of local wildlife.

Feb. 13, at 9 am ~ Coffee at the Cottage followed at 10 am with Hand Embroidery Club.  We will be learning Silk Ribbon Embroidery this month.  Anyone who is interested is welcome to join in the learning and great socializing.  Bring a hand work project you are working on or need help with and learn a new stitch as well.  Or start a new project with all the beautiful patterns and flosses available here at the Cottage.

Feb. 16, at 1 pm ~ 1st class of the Beginning Quilt Piecing 6 weeks course.  This course will cover all the aspects of piecing for uses in a quilt top or many other practical and fun purposes. (think bags, table linens, jackets, vests, tops, skirts, pillows…………………..)

Feb. 18, at 4 pm ~ 1st class of the Beginning Sewing for Kids 6 week course.  Kids will learn the parts, language and use of a sewing machine. How to cut fabric, sew a straight line, put in a zipper, hem and piece.  If the skill set of the group is advanced enough, we will also make pajama pants.

Feb. 23, at 1 pm ~ 2nd class of Beginning Quilt Piecing

Feb. 25, at 4 pm ~ 2nd class of Beginning Sewing for Kids

Feb. 28, at 2 pm ~ Glorious Hummingbird BOM ~ Block 2

March 2, at 1 pm ~ 3rd class of Beginning Quilt Piecing

March 4, at 4 pm ~ 3rd class of Beginning Sewing for Kids

March 6, at 1 pm ~ Basic Upholstery Class.  Bring your small project (foot stool, kitchen/dining chair, ottoman, etc) and redo it in class.  Learn the tips and tricks to make it look professional.  Take home a new look !!

March 7, 10 am ~ Every Binding Workshop by Pat Gates.  This is our second time for this workshop and it is getting five star reviews.  Again, due to the nature of this hands on workshop, the number of participants is limited.  So the first 10 people to pay for the workshop will be taking it.   Call or come in to save your place. 🙂

March 9 at 1 pm4th class of Beginning Quilt Piecing

March 11 at 4 pm ~ 4th class of Beginning Sewing for Kids

March 16 at 1 pm ~ 5th class of Beginning Quilt Piecing

March 18 at 4 pm ~ 5th class of Beginning Sewing for Kids

March 23 at 1 pm ~ 6th class of Beginning Quilt Piecing

March 25 at 4 pm ~ 6th class of Beginning Sewing for Kids

March 28 at 2 pm ~ Glorious Hummingbird BOM ~ Block 3


Little Cottage Quilt Shop Classes

I have been delayed in getting this out on the website.  It’s been a bit crazy here at the Cottage.  Our classroom is up and running (still needs a few final finishing touches), but it’s so wonderful to have.  The audio/visual equipment arrived and has been installed and tested.  There’s a learning curve there for sure. :{   We have held 3 classes so far and it’s working out wonderfully !!  We are so happy to have it to use. (the Medina Garden Club will be trying out the new A/V system Feb. 11)

Sooooooooooooo, here is the list of classes we are offering.  I am open to suggestions for anything you are interested in, just let me know.  Plus, 2 of the classes we had this past week are in high demand and we will be scheduling them again.  So keep in touch and watch both this web page and FaceBook (Little Cottage Quilt Shop) for more information on dates and times.  Or as always, come in or call for more information 830-589-2502


Classes coming up

Please come in and sign up for any class you are interested in. When I have enough students to do a class, I will schedule the date and time for that class & contact all who signed up.

We have a huge NEW classroom fully equipped with a  4’ X 8’ cutting table,  a 4’ X 8’ ironing table,  5 (so far) 8′ tables for students, sitting area for meetings and socializing, state of the arts audio/visual system and a 6’ round dining table for meetings, coffee or luncheons.   We are soon to have a fully equipped kitchen thru the “pass-thru” to the classroom.  (some fees may apply)

Hand Embroidery Club

Second Friday of every month,

10am to 11:30 am   NO FEE

Learn “how to-s” & enjoy fun socializing with a great group of gals & see fabulous works of art.

Come for coffee at 9 am if you like.

“Every Binding” workshop w/ Pat Gates

10 am to 3 pm $65

5 star rating !! You will learn how to make every kind of binding. Kit included in the fee. You will make samples of each and get a reference notebook to store them in.

(we had this workshop once and it is fabulous !! Scheduling another one)

“Know All About Your Sewing Machine”

 10 am to 3 pm $45

Make your machine work for you. Learn how to maximize it’s potential in a fun day of learning and laughter

(had this class once too, it’s in high demand and we are scheduling another for a Saturday)

Basic Upholstery

1 pm to 4 pm  $25

(date in February to be announced)

Learn how to do basic upholstery, techniques & tricks.  Bring your small project & simple tool to class and give it new life and a fresh start.

Beginning Quilt Piecing

1 pm to 4 pm  Mondays for 6 weeks starting Feb 16  

$120 for the course.  Price includes book and design board

Learn how to piece a quilt top together with precision using today’s modern tools, techniques and tips. You will learn how to make treasured traditions in less time than our “foremothers” could.   A fun and therapeutic way to spend an afternoon.  (WARNING: can lead to a happy & fulfilling addition)

Kids Beginning Sewing

4 pm to 5:30 pm once a week for 6 weeks

$75 for the course.  Includes a book and hand outs & “grandma’s” patience & care

Kids will learn how a sewing machine works, parts and terminology, how to operate it and care for it while using it.  They will learn how to & make a project with basic skills: reading a pattern/instructions, cutting fabric, top stitching, putting in a zipper, making a drawstring casing and boosting their self esteem.  Depending on the class attendees and the skill levels involved, we could possibly do more than one project in the 6 weeks.

Painting on Fabric

Adult Beginning Sewing

Clothing Construction

Making A Bag 

Understanding Color Combinations

Clothing Fitting & Alterations

Learn Free Motion Quilting

What to Do With Panels

Get To Know Your Serger

Learn to Make Slip Covers

How To Make Throw Pillows

I am also very happy to announce that our Glorious Hummingbird Block of the Month class is filled to capacity.  We had our first class, Block 1 last week and it was great 🙂  Only 7 more to go ladies !!!



Classes List

Classes List

The classroom is getting really close to being ready to use.  So I have compiled a list of a dozen classes plus a B.O.M. to look at and sign up for.  Once we have enough for any one class, I will post the date and cost for the class and call everyone who signed up.  Some of the classes will be a one time class and some will be a series of classes.  Some of the classes will be taught by guest instructors.

It is important to let us know ASAP so we can schedule the instructors.

I am very excited to have the classroom and share with you my vision and knowledge.  I look forward to hearing from y’all !!!

Let’s get started 🙂


Kid’s Beginning Sewing

Beginning Sewing

Clothing Construction

Clothing Fitting & Alterations

Know Your Sewing Machine

Understanding Color Combinations

Learn Free Motion Quilting

Beginning Quilt Piecing

Learn to Make Slip Covers

Painting On Fabric

Basic Upholstery

Make A Bag


Hummingbird Quilt B.O.M.

This class will start in January.  One class a month for 8 months.  The dead line to sign up is November 17th so I can order the fabric on the 18th.  This quilt is so beautiful !!  The picture does not do it justice.  You have to see it to really appreciate it.  Come and see it, we have it here at the shop on loan from Benartex.  I can also mail the monthly kits if you do not live close enough to come to the class.


Please come into the shop and sign up on the list, call us at (830)589-2502 or email to littlecottagequilts@gmail.com