Wine Charm Coasters

Wine Charm Coasters

I thought I had posted these pictures and info.  Apparently not, OOPPS !!

(Thanks Joann T. for bringing it to my attention)

Here is the fun and handy Charm Coasters.  They work as a coaster, a drink charm, great hostess gifts, stocking stuffers and last minute gift ideas.



I made these out of Northcott’s  Artisan Spirit Shimmer charm pack.  It takes 5 charms plus 1 charm (5″ square) of Roclon’s Waffle Muslin per coaster.

Here are the directions I wrote up:

This is a free pattern for you.  We also have them here at the shop for you to pick up along with all the supplies you will need to make these.

Wine Charm Coaster

For each Charm Coaster you will need:

5 Charms (5 x 5 in square) of fabrics

{these can be all the same or coordinating}

1 charm (5″ square) of the Waffle Muslin

matching thread

Lay the Waffle Muslin square on your work surface. Place the first charm square that you want to be the backside of your Coaster on top of the Waffle Muslin square, right side up. Line up all the edges.


Fold the remaining 4 charm squares in half, wrong side together.  Start laying the folded charms on top of the backside charm, one at a time, along each side of the square, matching all the raw edges. When you line up the 4th folded charm, tuck it under the 1st folded charm.



(please note that the jarring none coordinating fabrics are to make it easy for you to see how it goes together)

At this point you can cut the 5 inch square into a 5” circle if desired or just round the corners.  If you leave it square, be sure to clip the corners after stitching to remove as much bulk as possible.

Stitch a ¼” seam all around the 4 outside raw edges or circle. Stitch a second seam between the raw edge and the 1/4” seam.


Turn the Charm Coaster right side out. The Waffle muslin should now be completely concealed inside the Charm Coaster. Push out the corners if you have left it as a square. Roll the seams between your thumb and fingers to pull the seams out all the way. Iron it smooth and PRESTO !! You have a wonderful gift for any occasion, even yourself 😉 in just minutes.

Nestle the pedestal of the glass inside the opening of the Charm Coaster. Now the coaster stays with the glass.


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