Batik is an ancient art form made with wax resistant dye on fabrics. Each bolt of Batik is an individually made art piece. No two are ever the same. Batiks are made in Indonesia. They are hot wax stamped or painted by hand. Then hand dyed. Some are dyed multiple times in different colors. After which each length of fabric is dipped in a boiling bath to remove the wax. They are laid out in the sun to dry. Some are further treated with salt for a special effect. Some batiks are "tie dyed". (Irregularities and inconsistencies are normal in Batiks, it is not a "flaw".)

Batiks can bleed excess dye in the first few washes, especially darker colors, so be mindful. Because of the making process, Batiks won't shrink when washed.

100% Cotton. approximate 42" wide. 

[Colors in pictures may vary with individual screens]