My Story – Chapter One

In the beginning.............. ;)

I was born in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania on a hot August night in 1951. I was the first born to a young Air Force Sergeant and his wife. My existence on this planet nearly came to an end when I was only a few weeks old and was hospitalized for 6 weeks. But I'm tough and determined and still here. Shortly after that traumatic experience, dad was transferred to the air base in Puerto Rico. I remember my mom telling me what a paradise it was and how much they enjoyed the years they spent there.

Then on and on to more and more places. By the time dad got out of the Air Force, he was deeply entrenched in the pattern of moving and dragged the family all over this country and even into Canada. I didn't complete one whole year of school in the same school. When I entered high school, I got to spend the whole year in one school. But the next year was a different school, and so on. (pretty tough on teenagers) As a kid my family lived through two, complete loss, house fires. But I'm tough and determined and still here.

I met my husband, Christer, in northern British Columbia, Canada the summer of 1972. He was a dashing bronzed God working a very physical job at the copper mine where I was working in the office. We were both summer hires. Christer was an engineering student up from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. We met on my birthday, had our first date 2 days later. Two weeks later on Sept 2, Christer proposed to me. U.B.C.’s fall semester was about to start and it was now or never. Time was short. So I bought off white satin brocade, marabou and sparkle organza, 3 different patterns and set about designing and making my wedding dress. We were married November 25.   WOW !!

And so, our journey began......................