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  • $410.00

A perfect way to decorate for the Halloween season, a cute, tongue-in-cheek throw or wall hanging. Toss over the back of a sofa for snuggling under with a spooky book, hang on a wall as a fun decoration or use as a tablecloth for the trick or treat table.

The whimsical black cat, surrounded by flying black bats, stand guard over the cauldron filled with magic potion. "The Witch Is In" is printed in acid green, warning all who enter. Acid green fabric borders the center panel. Pieced pumpkin blocks asymmetrically border the bottom and left side of the panel. Black fabric, printed with spiderwebs border the top and right side. Jewel purple corner blocks match the start on the panel. The backing is pieced with fun spiders on an orange background and the jewel purple stripe down the center. Binding is the black spiderweb fabric. Quilt measures 44" wide by 63" long.

The quilt is hand pieced and machine quilted with black thread spider webs. 100% cotton fabrics top and backing and 100% poly batting for durability. Machine wash and dry on gentle cycle.

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