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Hello friends and Sewists,

Where do I begin??!!!?? This year, so far, has been another one for the books. After a brutal, unusually cold winter, record setting heat, drought, much family drama, crazy things happening and so very busy I can hardly breath. I could really use a break!! I don’t quite understand how I am “retired” and busier than I was raising little kids. The weeks scream by before my very eyes. Where does the time go???

We continue to have the shop open only 1 day a week for many reasons. I know it’s a bit of an inconvenience for some of you and I apologize for that. But it is necessary for our sanity. We plan to keep it this way for the foreseeable future. I am still at the shop for several hours 3 - 4 days a week to quilt on your lovely quilt tops, do paper work and general other business related work. And I work almost every day in my sewing studio at home where I make samples for the shop and work on custom orders. And we still have a lot of work to do on the shop building too. (as I’m sure y’all know, we’ve been “improving” now for years. LOL.)

As I’m sure y’all have heard a bazillion times, “the supply chain is backed up”. So very true!! It’s effecting every industry, including quilting fabrics. (we’ve run into this with building materials too) We’ve ordered fabrics that took 6 months to get here, manufactures are behind schedules, items are out of stock and delivery services are strained to the max. It’s been really rough to maintain a steady flow of new fabrics into the shop. But they are straggling in, some on time and many way out of sync with the original orders. We have also slowed down the ordering a bit because we are only open 1 day a week plus the website shop (which is always open for your convenience).

We finally did get some more new Christmas fabrics this week. YAY!! Beautiful traditional Christmas prints with an added metallic sparkle. They are so pretty and perfect for any holiday project. Can you see the sparkles? I included a couple of closeups so hopefully you can see the metallics. Fabrics from QT Fabrics and RJR Fabrics. (it’s also been very hard to get Christmas fabric that isn’t strange in color or design. Not really sure what’s going on in the design world

The internet has taken over our lives pretty much. Not news, everyone has a cell phone on their person seemingly at all times. You want to know something, “Google it”. There are apps for everything imaginable. It’s so handy right? We are right there with y’all. But I still like a good old fashioned printed book in my hand, (We have a huge personal library of 50 years accumulation), especially an instructional or pattern book. Because we love books so much, we have amassed a very large selection of books for sale at the shop. But, as much as we love books, with the internet so handy, books don’t sell well anymore. A large collection of books taking up space and costing us taxes every year. It was a tough decision to eliminate books from our inventory, but we decided it was best.
So all the books at the shop are on sale for 40% off. If you love a good reference book or journal or coloring book, or are looking for new pattern inspirations, now is the time to stock up. Because when these are gone, there won’t be anymore. Don’t delay if this is something that is right up your alley.
And we still have some AMB solids left at 30% off.
NO, we are not closing the shop, or liquidating our inventory, just the books and the AMB solids. These will be replaced with different solids and different merchandise.
Then there is the old house that we are living in, trying to keep it from falling down around us. Many of you have ask us how that is progressing. WELL……’s progressing, but slowly due to the excessive heat this year. It’s so hard to be out in 100+ degree weather working hard on the building project. But we are limping along inch by inch. The concrete is all finished, the subfloor for the living room is insulated and sheeted and we have framed up 2 of the living room exterior walls. We are in the process of sheeting those exterior walls. The bedroom and bathroom have the floor joists in place ready for insulation and sheeting. We had the exterminator come and treat the new structure with a bug repellent that last for decades. We were finding termites in the cedar beams!! Termites are not suppose to like cedar. I guess if they are hungry enough, they will eat anything. (and did I mention we are quite tired of remodeling???) We had to do some rerouting of the sewer line for the new bathroom. Also rerouted and added too the electrical lines to service the new addition of a living room, master bed and bath.

We have also been working on lots of little improvements around the ranch. We decided that the veg garden space we selected to build last year is way too much work to complete. The ground was too sloped and we were having to haul a lot of fill in. So this late winter we started moving my veg garden up closer to and between the new house and the old farm house. Starting over again!! Last time ! I promise. The garden is where it’s permanent home is. Just needs a lot more work on beds and structures. It’s sooooooooo much better! I love it.

We also excavated for the new green house and started the foundation forms. It’s on the list next after the old house addition is weather tight, and before cold temps set in. It’s hard to watch it go so slowly when we are so desperate for the extra space, ceilings that aren’t falling down and walls that aren’t rotted out. I’m anxious to decorate a new space too. Alas, I look at the new house foundation staring us in the face, waiting it’s turn to be next. I long for my fabulous new sewing room with space to work. Can’t wait for a temperature cool down, just about 15 degrees will do nicely. Then we might be able to ramp up the work.

Daily life goes on and on. Things stay the same but also change. Every day is a new challenge full of possibilities. I really hope that your world is bright and happy with just a few little minor glitches. I hope your hands are busy with sewing projects and that your heart is full.

Please let us know what we can do to help you with your projects. Feel free to email or leave a message on the shop phone and I’ll get back to you as soon as I get the message. The website is always available and I fill and mail orders Mondays thru Fridays.

Stay Safe and Keep Sewing,

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