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We are back in the swing of things here at the Cottage. I’m hoping that y’all had a very nice Thanksgiving with friends and family. We had a great time with our family. Our “week off” went way too fast. I didn’t get much of anything on my very long list accomplished, but we had a great visit with the kids. My oldest granddaughter has been learning to sew over the past 5 years. She is doing a great job and is so creative. Makes me hope my other 2 granddaughters will want to learn too in the future.

As we move into the last month of the year, the busiest month of the year, I hope y’all will have a chance to enjoy the Season. Take a deep breath. Don’t let the hustle and bustle get in the way of your joy.

We want to wish all of our customers and friends a wonderful Holiday Season. We thank you for your continued support and friendship. We look forward to the coming year and exciting new things. We hope y’all have a fantastic month and a prosperous next year!!

Drop in and say HI, see what’s new! We have added Leanin’Tree cards to our inventory for every occasion. Spark your enthusiasm for your next project with the latest ideas & gadgets. We have a wide variety of fabulous gifts and gift ideas for the seamstresses in your life. Always new fabrics, notions and project ideas are found here too. We’ll do our very best to help you with your project or gift needs.


 Keep on Sewing, see you soon,


December Grab Bag

This months Grab Bag project is a darling Christmas pattern borrowed from Missouri Star Quilt Co. Holiday Block magazine. It’s a fast, little number that will be perfect as a gift or decoration for your own home. Its strip pieced for speed. It measures 43” X 43” finished. Perfect for a gift for that Christmas baby, a table topper, little picnic quilt, wall hanging or sofa throw. 



Warriors Heart Quilt Challenge 

We still have a number of 3-yard quilt kits for this challenge left. Make it easy on yourself with a simple but nice pattern.  We will be happy to help you chose a pattern if need be. Don’t delay, the sooner you get started the less pressure you will feel. I apologize for the short deadline. Here’s how it works:

Purchase a packet containing 3 yards of fabric for $18.99. The fabrics will be in various size cuts, but coordinated within the packet. You can add to it from your own stash or purchase additional coordinating fabrics if you desire. You may choose any pattern you wish. These lap quilts must be no smaller than 44” X 58” or larger than 60” X 72”. Each quilt must be finished completely, (quilted, bound & preferably have a label about the person who made it). Return your finished quilt to Little Cottage Quilt Shop before February 1, 2019.

 Each finished quilt returned to Little Cottage Quilt Shop will be entered into a drawing for $100 gift card as well as receive a 30% discount coupon for backing and batting for your next quilt.

All finished quilts will be donated to Warriors Heart in February.

(a full instruction sheet will be in each packet)

You can check Warriors Heart out on their website. 


DECEMBER 2018 Calendar

Wed Dec 5- 1 pm Open sewing workshop NO FEE
Wed Dec 12- 1 pm Open sewing workshop NO FEE
Fri Dec 1410 am “Creative Stitchers”
(2nd Friday each month). NO FEE
We will be continuing on with the new tutorial & stitches. Bring your sampler, floss, perle cotton, Tiger Tape & pigma pen for permanent lines or erasable pen if you don’t want to see the lines.
20% discount on all supplies pertaining to your sampler project                          at the meeting only
Wed Dec 19 - 1 pm Open sewing workshop NO FEE
We will be closed for Christmas
Fri Dec 21 thru Wed Dec 26
Back OPEN Thurs Dec 27


Valuable Info

Merry Christmas Y’all

Here’s a little gift from me to you for this wonderful Holiday Season. A couple of free patterns for the ever popular “Bowl Buddies” and the Wine Charm Coasters. Please feel free to print them out for your use or share them with a friend. Quick and easy to make, they are a great for last minute gifts. And always very well received!!  🎄


Little Cottage Quilt Shop

Bowl Buddies

Everyone loves the Bowl Buddy for microwave reheating and warming your food.  It keeps your hands from getting burned on the hot dishes (because the dish always gets hotter than the food).  It protects your table and keeps the food warm.  Use it for rolls or tortillas to keep them warm after heating.  Make them any size for any dish, by adjusting the size of your squares or rectangles. They make great gifts too.


All fabric, thread & batting used MUST be 100% cotton to prevent fire.  Use the special triple washed cotton batting


Cut 2 squares of cotton fabrics 11 ½” X 11 ½” (same or 2 fabrics)

Cut 2 squares of batting 11” X 11” (Warm & Plush)

100% Cotton thread

1 - Make 2 sets:  Stitch the batting to the wrong side of each fabric piece.  Quilt each set anyway you choose.  I quilted mine in a diagonal grid. ***Mark an X from corner to corner for use on step 6 *** When quilting, save the quilting of this X to step 6.

2 - Fold square in half, right sides together.  Mark a ¾” wide X 2 ½” long dart at the center point of each side. (this forms the bowl shape & can be adjusted to form a deeper bowl if desired)

3 - Split the dart almost to the point and press open.  Top stitch down the sides of the dart (this will help reduce bulk).

4 - Place the 2 sets right sides together.  Sew around the edges, leaving an opening for turning it right side out.  Clip the corners and turn right side out.

5 - Press the edge flat and topstitch as you desire around the edge closing up the turning opening.

6 - Finish by quilting along the X you marked in step one thru all layers.

Splatter Guard Lid

Cut 2 squares of fabric 10 ½” x 10 ½” (same or 2 fabrics)

Cut 1 square of batting 10” x 10”

Cut 1 square of iron-on vinyl 10” x 10”

Cut 1 strip 2 ½” x full width of fabric for binding

Cut 1 piece 2” x 6” for lid loop

1*Layer 2 fabric squares, right sides out, over the batting.  Sew an X or your choice of quilting, to hold the 3 pieces together. 

2*Make the lid loop by pressing the loop piece in half (the long way) with wrong sides together.  Open and press long raw edges to the center crease.  Fold along the original crease.  Top stitch the edges.  Fold the loop in half over lapping the ends.  Stitch the ends onto the center of the lid.

3*Iron the vinyl, according to manufactures’ directions, onto the underside of the lid.

4*Bind the edges of the lid with regular binding-mitered corners.


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Little Cottage Quilt Shop

Wine Charm Coaster

These make great gifts. Bundle 4 or 6 up with a pretty ribbon to give as a hostess gift, stocking stuffer, co-worker gifts or enjoy in your own home   





For each coaster you will need :

5 Charms (5 x 5 in square) of fabrics

{these can be all the same or coordinating}

1 5” square of the Waffle Muslin (trim corners off)

{waffle muslin shrinks 25% so much be machine washed & dried. Then steam iron out as flat as possible before cutting}

matching thread

   Lay the Waffle Muslin square on your work surface.      Place the first charm square that you want to be the backside of your Coaster on top of the Waffle Muslin square, right side up.  Line up all the edges.


Fold the remaining 4 charm squares in half, wrong side together. (these can be rectangles or triangles depending on your desired outcome)

  Start laying the folded charms on top of the backside charm, one at a time, along each side of the square, matching all the raw edges.  When you line up the 4th folded charm, tuck it under the 1st folded charm.


  At this point you can cut the 5-inch square into a 5” circle if desired or round the corners if you want that look.

Stitch a seam size of your choice all around the 4 outside raw edges.  I do a second pass around the whole thing.

Trim the corners


Turn the Charm/Coaster right side out.  The Waffle muslin should now be completely concealed inside the Charm/Coaster.  Push out the corners if you have left it as a square.  Roll the seams to pull them out all the way.  Steam press it smooth & flat and PRESTO!!  You have a wonderful gift for any occasion, even yourself ;)


Nestle the pedestal of the glass inside the opening of the Charm/Coaster.  Now the coaster stays with the glass as a wine charm with the added benefit of catching all the moisture J  Or use it as a standard coaster. The waffle muslin will absorb all the spills or condensation.


Compliments of Little Cottage Quilt Shop

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