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Awwww, November, cooler weather, beautiful colors and the beginning of the holiday season. We got married this month, 48 years ago. Seems like so long ago, and yet just yesterday. Time flies. And as we age, we seem to assess our lives and try to make the most of our existence. I’ve been a fan of all things British since I was a teenager and Twiggy stormed the fashion scene. So, when the AARP magazine arrived with a short article on Queen Elizabeth, it peaked my interest. We are fans of Downtown Abbey and have watched the Crown and a couple of other documentaries on the royals. Queen Elizabeth II is truly an amazing woman. I have come to admire her tremendously as a good example of aging gracefully. At 94, she is still a strong presence in the world. If you get the AARP magazine, it’s worth the quick read. For those of you who do not, I thought I would share her 10 life lessons with y’all. Good practical guidelines for all of us:

1-Recharge your willpower
2-Stick to a schedule
3-Develop your sense of purpose
4-Serve others
5-Sweeten the self-talk
6-Brush aside vanity
7-Never stop playing
8-Keep the faith
9-Be open to change
10-Cherish your crowning years


I think as quilters, we follow some of these steps of success, but I think we fall short on some too. There is always room for improvement in our lives, which will then enhance the lives of others. I am grateful to y’all for sharing your talents and ideas with me, just by being your creative selves. This time of year can be hectic and frazzling. Implement some of these life lessons and see if it helps take the exhaustion out of this season. It’s been a very tough year for all of us. A new perspective could just give us that extra boost we all need.

As it winds down to the end of the year, so does our flow of new fabrics into the shop. But we are still getting a few here and there. Some really great fabrics have arrived this past month. A darling baby panel, “Camp Fire Friends” by QT. A stunning and colorful digital Artworks panel of “Noah’s Ark” also from QT. Both would make great gift quilts or wall hangings.

Riley Blake always has the cutest, most endearing prints and panels. The fun, retro “Santa Clause Lane” is a very versatile panel. You can do a lot with this one. 

I made a bag from just 2 of the blocks with more to spare.  (I’m planning another bag with the 2 biggest blocks, coasters with the 5 small ones and a banner with the long side block)

The latest one, “Santa and Friends” is so perfect for all ages. All 4 are 36”X42” panels. 

Just in time for Holiday gift making, “Sundance Meadow” place mat panel and 2 companion fabrics from Wilmington Prints is a sure favorite with Sunflower lovers. So simple and beautiful.


I hope y’all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Stay safe and Keep Sewing,

We will be closed the week of Thanksgiving. Nov 25th thru Nov 28th. Back to normal hours on Dec 2nd.

Our hours are:

Wednesday thru Saturdays – noon to 5 pm

Please, honor these safety protocols:

Hand sanitizer must be used before entering the shop (provided by door)

Face masks must be worn at all times while you are in the shop

Social distancing - a minimum of 6 feet apart

If you don’t feel well, PLEASE stay home

Thank you so much for your respect and cooperation.

for further information call 830-589-2502

email :

web orders:

We are here to help you as much as we possibly can.


Tip of the Month

November 2020 Tip:

It’s Cuddle time! Warm, soft and so cozy, but different to sew with. For success, use lots of pins, minimum ½” seam allowance, ball point needle, walking foot if you have one and low expectations. 😜


Warriors Heart Quilt project. They need another 30 quilts. If you are looking for a new project, please consider making a quilt to donate to this great project, for a fantastic cause. Use up some of your stash, or you can purchase a kit from the Cottage. Thank you so much for your participation in this cause.


“Warriors Heart” is a treatment center for physiologically wounded active military, veterans and 1st responders. Sometimes these wounds are the most long lasting because they are unseen. You can check out Warriors Heart on their website.

You may choose any pattern for this quilt you wish. Quilts must be no smaller than 44” X 58” or larger than 60” X 72”. Each snuggle quilt must be finished completely, (quilted, bound & preferably have a label about the person who made it) and returned to Little Cottage Quilt Shop. Once turned in, all finished quilts become the property of Little Cottage Quilt Shop and will be donated to Warriors Heart in Bandera.


Valuable Info

As we are starting the gift giving season, I thought I would share a quick and easy gift idea and pattern. These Wine Charm Coasters make a great gift for anything you might need a quick gift for this Holiday season. Plus they are fun to make. Don’t forget the secret hidden inside that makes them such great coasters. (the waffle muslin)

Bundle 4 or 6 together with a festive ribbon for a hostess gift, stocking stuffer, gift exchange, or secret Santa gift. Combine the with matching place mats for a great special gift.

Wine Charm Coaster

These make great gifts. Bundle 4 or 6 up with a pretty ribbon to give as a hostess gift, stocking stuffer, co-worker gifts or enjoy in your own home

For each Charm/Coaster:

You will need :

5 Charms (5 x 5 in square) of fabrics

{these can be all the same or coordinating}

1 - 5” square of the Waffle Muslin (trim corners off)

{waffle muslin shrinks 25% so must be machine washed & dried. Then steam iron out as flat as possible before cutting}

matching thread


Lay the Waffle Muslin square on your work surface.  Place the first charm square that you want to be the backside of your Coaster on top of the Waffle Muslin square, right side up.  Line up all the edges.

Fold the remaining 4 charm squares in half, wrong side together. (these can be rectangles or triangles depending on your desired outcome)

Start laying the folded charms on top of the backside charm, one at a time, along each side of the square, matching all the raw edges.  When you line up the 4th folded charm, tuck it under the 1st folded charm.


At this point you can cut the 5 inch square into a 5” circle if desired or round the corners if you want that look.

Stitch a seam size of your choice all around the 4 outside raw edges.  I do a second pass around the whole thing.

Trim the corners

Turn the Charm/Coaster right side out.  The Waffle muslin should now be completely concealed inside the Charm/Coaster.  Push out the corners if you have left it as a square.  Roll the seams to pull them out all the way.  Steam press it smooth & flat and PRESTO !!  You have a wonderful gift for any occasion, even yourself ;)

Nestle the pedestal of the glass inside the opening of the Charm/Coaster.  Now the coaster stays with the glass as a wine charm with the added benefit of catching all the moisture J  Or use it as a standard coaster. The waffle muslin will absorb all the spills or condensation.



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