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Time to celebrate all the wonderful freedoms that we enjoy in here in this, the most wonderful country on Earth. (no offense intended to other countries) I have family in Canada, friends in England & Tahiti and my youngest daughter lived in Japan for 4 years. The world is a wondrous place, but at the end of the day, there is nothing like home sweet home in the land that I love !!
Have a wonderful and safe holiday y’all. Hope you have a wonderful time and are able to stay cool somewhere and relax a bit.
We are keeping our very appreciated sewing machine mechanic busy as sewing machines of all kinds are coming in for service. We have seen everything from an antique treadle machine to sergers to a few complex problems that took some doing to solve. He is doing a great job for us. So if your machine is in need of some assistance, isn’t working quite right or is broken, don’t hesitate to bring it in and let our guy have a go at it. You will be glad you did.
Drop off & pick up your machines here at the Cottage.
14076 State Hwy 16 Medina,Texas         830-589-2502
 We have had some really interesting arrivals here at the Cottage. Lots of great new apparel patterns (more on that in the Valuable Info article below). New notions, none the least of which are the Kai scissors. I also got a happy surprise when I ordered some burlap. It arrived & the white is shot thru with gold! It’s beautiful & so perfect for wedding decorations! What a happy accident. Of course there are beautiful new fabrics that arrive just about every 10 days or so. Come in and check them out, you might find just what you been looking for.
Row by Row is in full swing and we are seeing folks from all over. It’s so much fun to find out where everybody is from. Our “Rock On” record block is getting lots of attention. I think it’s the best one I’ve ever done if I don’t say so myself. (wink) LOL. It’s a great way to experiment with sewing curves. It’s a lot easier than you think.
The official Row by Row World Tour tee shirts are going fast. Don’t delay if you want one. I can’t get any more, it was a one time thing.
And don’t forget to do your selfie at the photo op on the front porch. Or we will be happy to take the photo for you there.
Be sure to check out the new web site/shop! www.littlecottagequiltshop.com
We are adding more every day to the web shop for your convenience and late night shopping. We hope y’all that have placed orders have been satisfied with your purchase and our service. We would love feed back on it. littlecottagequilts@gmail.com
Remember, we are not scheduling any classes over the summer. If, however, you want to book a private or group class, on something you would like to learn, we will be happy to accommodate that for you. All classes must be booked and paid for at least 2 weeks in advance.

Be sure you sign up soon for our next B.O.M.

Don't miss out on this one.

Sign up deadline is August 1, 2018
Sign up cost is $72.99. This includes your complete pattern & template set, all the background fabric and all the fusible web for the entire project, plus the first 2 quilt blocks. Each month after that is $10.99 for 2 blocks.
We are also offering a 20% discount on your batting, backing & binding fabrics when you pick up the initial start up kit with your first set of blocks.
Kits will be available the first of each month starting September 1, 2018.

Grab Bag

July's Grab bag is “Christmas in July”. Get a jump on next Christmas decorations or gifts. This darling 3 yd quilt can be used as a throw in it’s rectangular form or assembled as a square for a fun table cloth for the holidays.
You choose which you would like to make, we did samples both ways.
Keep on sewing and see you soon,

July 2018 Calendar

We will be closed Tues & Wed July 3 & 4 for the holiday.
Please make note
Thurs July 510 am We are Back & Open
Wed July 11- 1 pm Open sewing workshop NO FEE
Fri July 13Coffee will be at the Core this month. “Creative Stitchers” (2nd Friday each month) has been canceled for July. Monthly meetings at the Cottage will resume in August. (Our esteemed leader is on a road trip with her husband, traversing the country seeing sights from State to State, stopping at quilt shops along the way & collecting Row by Row too. J)
Wed July 18 - 1 pm Open sewing workshop NO FEE
Wed July 25 - 1 pm Open sewing workshop NO FEE
Wed Aug 1 - 1 pm Open sewing workshop NO FEE

Valuable Info

Let’s Talk Sewing
You have heard me say many times that I have been sewing for as long as I can remember. I think I was about 5 yrs. old when I picked up fabric from my mothers sewing space and put it together for my dolls. I progressed to clothing for myself & by the time I was in the 4th grade I was wearing clothes I made to school. I’m surprised mother let me out of the house in them !! But I was so proud of my creations. I have pictures of me in some of them.
I was obsessed with sewing clothes. And the older I got, the more practiced I became. I think I was in the 10th grade when one of our neighbors commissioned me to make a shirt for her son. I remember being flattered & overwhelmed at the same time. I’m pretty sure my mom finished it for me so the neighbor could have it. I don’t remember getting paid. Hmmmmmmm?
Nothing seemed to slow me down in the sewing department. A trip to the fabric store was pure nirvana!! I was always planning and designing my next outfit. I made matching ties for my boyfriends to match my dresses. As the years passed, I made coats, swimsuits, lingerie, men’s suits, wedding dresses, upholstery and quilts too. But sewing apparel has always been my first love.
I’ve never stopped sewing, my whole life. Even when life gets in the way. Marriage & kids came along and I always carved out a niche for my sewing. Every place I ever lived, the first thing I did was set up my sewing space. Sometimes it was pretty tiny, but always there. I even took my sewing machine & projects with me on a trip with Christer to a conference. I set up my sewing space in the hotel room and sewed like crazy while he was in workshops & meetings. It’s my passion, my therapy and my life saver.
I love to make quilts, please don’t misunderstand that. But as many of you have discovered, your family and friends reach a point where they don’t want another quilt from you. As bad as that makes us feel, there are so many other avenues we can use our stash for. So what do you do?? You branch out and expand your skills. J
As we get older (there’s that nasty 5 letter word), the fashion industry seems to forget about us. Our bodies aren’t what they use to be and ready-made clothes just don’t fit right. So, make your own! Start with easy and work your way up. You can produce correct fitting, quality clothing that you just can’t buy anywhere.
I have been expanding the apparel patterns available at the Cottage. Because I don’t carry the standard pattern companies we all grew up with, I have been able to find some real gems. There are so many cute ones. Try making a nice summer top for yourself out of a fabric piece in your stash that you changed your mind about putting in the quilt you bought it for. Or a fun & breezy sun dress out of rayon batik, how about comfy pajamas for the grandkids or yourself out of cotton for the summer or flannel for the winter.
Doll clothes seem to be a sudden rage again. They are fun to make and go quickly and use up a lot of left over scraps.
I’m loving making the flowing palazzo pants that are coming into fashion now out of the fabulous double gauze. They are so comfortable that I swear I left the house in your pajamas! LOVE IT !! And, they are so quick and easy to make too. Try them in rayon batik, even soft quilting cotton. There are easy jacket patterns that can be made in a day, easy breezy tops, comfy flowing skirts & dresses. There are no limits!
Have an abundance of babies in your friends & family groups lately? There are a million ideas for baby clothes & stuff to make out in cyber space. My Pinterest board (search djbacklund) has lots of fun & easy ideas for those grandkids or nieces & nephews. It just keeps going on and on, endless ideas to sew for yourself or your loved ones.
Be brave, surprise them all. Present them with what they aren’t expecting. Wear your own creation to the next gathering you attend. You will get lots of compliments.
I am striving to encourage all who I come in contact with to sew clothing for themselves. To start with, you might practice on pajamas for yourself. Make yourself a soft and cozy bathrobe from the luxurious Cuddle fabric. Try a shirt out of the soft and beautiful Shot Cotton from Denmark, or the gorgeous drappy rayon batik.
I am having a great time making samples of the patterns I am getting for y’all to see, not to mention increasing my wardrobe! You too can enjoy the delight of doing this. I am here to help you if you need it or just to advise. Feel free to call or email me if you have questions. I can even FaceTime with you if you have an iphone & need help.
Have fun and start sewing clothes !
Little Cottage Quilt Shop   14076 State Hwy 16 Medina, Texas 78055       830-589-2502

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