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Little Cottage Quilt Shop
JUNE 2018 Newsletter
Hello everyone. Hope y’all had a safe and wonderful Memorial Day weekend.
Thank you to all of those who have served our country in any way & especially to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. We are ever indebted to you and your families for your service & sacrifice.
It’s June already and summer is upon us fast and furious. What better way to beat the heat than in you nice cool sewing room with a tall cool drink? Beats anything else in my book. Hope you have fun projects to work on. If not we have lots of ideas here at the Cottage to help you out.
We have exciting news to share. Something we have needed badly here in our area. We have a certified sewing machine mechanic now on staff. (no, it isn’t Chris) Our new guy is certified to work on all brands of manual and computerized sewing machines, all sergers and embroidery machines.  He is presently working on being authorized to do warrantee work. This fall, he goes back to the training center to get certified on all long arm machines and industrial machines. The line up has already started, so if you have a machine that needs servicing, don’t delay. Drop off & pick up your machines here at the Cottage. [14076 State Hwy 16 Medina,Texas]
June is the month of weddings, graduations and summer freedom. We got some gorgeous wedding fabric in a couple of weeks ago. It’s white & metallic silver with soft grey highlights. Perfect for wedding decorations, table clothes & favors.
There are many other new fabrics that have arrived in the last month too. Some very nice patriotic fabrics, fun chicken & egg fabrics (including the farmers ledger sheet! so fun to see). A beautiful sunflower collection, darling sewing collection & new western collection have been added to the “New Arrivals” table, just to mention a few. And of course, this years official Row by Row fabric is in the shop available for sale also. It’s very pretty this year. I used it in my block !
As promised, here is the “reveal” of Little Cottage Quilt Shop’s 2018 Row by Row block.  Drum roll please……………………………….

If you are following the Texas Row by Row page, you might have already seen it. I’m calling it “Rock On”! We are excited & getting everything ready for the kick off on June 21, we open at 10 am
Look for our photo opportunity on the front porch
PLUS !! Just arrived today, the official Row By Row tee shirts. They are so cool !
The new website is getting great reviews and we couldn’t be happier. We are up to 525+ fabrics now and growing. I have added the 63” cotton/spandex knits to the web shop. Plus, Christer has gone wild putting the buttons on the website now too. (he says it’s addictive) He was up to 50 over the holiday weekend, but it keeps climbing. LOL!! Don’t forget, we are offering FREE shipping on all orders over $50. Be sure to check it out !  www.littlecottagequiltshop.com
Remember, we are not scheduling any classes over the summer. If, however, you want to book a private or group class, on something you would like to learn, we will be happy to accommodate that for you. All classes must be booked and paid for at least 2 weeks in advance.


This darling wall hanging is our next B.O.M. Perfect for your sewing room or any room, measuring 55" x 60".
It will be a 6 month B.O.M. with 2 blocks per kit each month, 1 pieced and 1 appliqued. We have a limited number of patterns available so be sure you sign up soon.
Don't miss out on this one.
Sign up deadline is August 1, 2018
Sign up cost is $72.99. This includes your complete pattern & template set, all the background fabric and all the fusible web for the entire project, plus the first 2 quilt blocks.
Each month after that is $10.99 for 2 blocks.
We are offering a 20% discount on your backing & binding fabrics & batting when you pick up the initial first set & start up kit.
Kits will be available the first of each month starting
September 1, 2018.

Grab Bag

June's Grab bag is a fun and fascinating Twister wall hanging/ table topper. (32” x 32”) The patriotic theme is just in time for July 4th celebrations. It will be the talk of the party. Twister quilts are amazing in how they turn out. The pattern includes extra hints and tips for using the tool & what to do with the leftover fabric. I had so much fun with this Twister tool that I made 3 projects with it.
Keep on sewing and see you soon,

June 2018 Calendar

Wed June 6 - 1 pm Open sewing workshop NO FEE
Fri June 89 am Coffee at the Cottage (2nd Friday each month) NO FEE
Fri June 8 – 10 am “Creative Stitchers” (2nd Friday each month) NO FEE
Part 4- learning/reviewing new embroidery & embellishment stitches using silk ribbon. You will need the same supplies you have been bringing: Your muslin sampler, embroidery hoop, needles in varying eye sizes, floss, Perle cotton, silk ribbon, scissors, small pincushion, thimble, needle threader.  (all of these items available at the Cottage as well).
This month get 20% off all silk ribbon purchased at the meeting only.
Wed June 13- 1 pm Open sewing workshop NO FEE
Wed June 20 - 1 pm Open sewing workshop NO FEE

Thurs June 21- 10 am Row by Row 2018 starts

Wed June 27 - 1 pm Open sewing workshop NO FEE

We will be closed Tues & Wed July 3 & 4 for the holiday.

Please make note

Happy 4th !


Valuable Info

Hobby or Business
I recently read an article in a Sew News magazine about turning your hobby of sewing into a business.  You’ve heard it a lot I’m sure, you make something and somebody admires it and then says “you should make these to sell”. It’s a common myth that it’s as easy as that, but in reality, it’s a totally different story.
Let me focus on one of the main issues: if you are great at sewing, are you also great at business and vise versa? That’s a big question!  If you have a good head for business, are your sewing skills and speed excellent? In order to turn a sewing hobby into a business, it is vital that you possess both qualities. Also consider this aspect, turning your hobby into a business, takes the “joy” out of it. You will no longer will be sewing for relaxation and fun, you will be sewing for deadlines & mass producing products for the public. There won’t be much time nor desire for the sewing you so enjoy now.
Another critical issue is how you see yourself & your abilities. It has come to my awareness lately that there are a lot of people making quilts to sell on Ebay or Pinterest.  So I checked it out. I was shocked to find finished quilts priced as low as $38 !!! Has this person even thought about the cost involved in what they did? Or what effect the pricing of the quilts for sale has on the industry as a whole? I hear all the time from that “I just do it for fun” or “it’s just from my stash”, etc. These women, don’t feel competent enough in their abilities to charge what their time and talents are really worth. Even if you are doing it for “fun, or the fabrics is just out of your stash”, at some point money was spent for those materials, and your time and effort is worth something!
Let’s break this down and take a closer look at the whole concept of selling your craft. There are many different factors involved in the final price of your item.  Looking at the $38 baby quilt, it is 53” X 37”, the cost of the materials for that size a quilt top is about the price they are asking. This person is giving away, their time, the cost of the batting & the quilting. This example might be extreme, but this kind of pricing gives the general public the wrong idea about what it takes to make even a small quilt.
The following clipping is a good place to start. The reference quilt is a 65” X 65” throw. Besides what is in the clipping, add the cost of the equipment you own, the cost of the space you are using to create the product, (this will include the taxes you pay on that space), and the utilities used during the construction of the product. Also, there are the charges for additional services, like quilting or marketing. What percentage of the price goes to the website you are selling on or the cost of the booth at a fair or market? All these factors are a very real cost and should be included in the final asking price of your product. It is our responsibility, as quilters, to educate the public as to the value of quilts. Trust & value your ability. Trust & value yourself. Respect others, who are trying to make a living at sewing as a business, by pricing your quilts to sell at the price they are worth. Everybody benefits.

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